The View’s Whoopi loudly interrupts THREE co-hosts in awkward live TV moment

WHOOPI Goldberg has shown her true colors yet again after loudly interrupting three co-hosts during an awkward moment on The View.

The comedian has faced backlash from fans regarding her performance as a mediator on the daytime talk show.

Whoopi loudly interrupted THREE co-hosts at once

Whoopi loudly interrupted THREE co-hosts at onceالإئتمان: ABC
They were discussing couple roles at mealtime

They were discussing couple roles at mealtimeالإئتمان: ABC

Now Whoopi, 66, has added to the controversy after loudly intervening during a hot topic discussion on Friday’s episode.

The actress and her co-hosts discussed the idea of men expecting ahot mealon the table after getting home from work.

Guest star Ana Navarro claimed she’s married to ahigh maintenance Cuban American manwho wants to befed daily.

She added that her beau expects “breakfast, عشاء, and sex” “and adrawer full of treats like Cheetos and Oreos to be constantly full.

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The View's Whoopi jokes the 'hosts look GASSY' in awkward moment


The View’s Whoopi jokes the ‘hosts look GASSYin awkward moment

Host Sunny Hostin agreed, saying her own husband Manny expects the same thing.

“It’s sort of a fight that we always have. It’s a passive-aggressive fight.”

بدلا من ذلك, guest star Alyssa Farah Griffin claimed she doesn’t tolerate such behavior, saying she would “pop” her husband if he expected dinner.

The three ladies then erupted into a flurry of chatter and laughter, leading Whoopi to explode in an interruption.

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“Wait wait wait we got a man at the table, let him talk,” she loudly exclaimed, directing her attention to guest host Dan Abrams.

The other women quickly silenced as Whoopi demanded the floor be left for the entrepreneur to speak.


This wasn’t the first time the author has caused an awkward encounter on set, and earlier this week she joked the otherhosts look GASSYwhile on live TV.

The View episode kickstarted with the hosts discussing the inflation crisis and the rise of gas prices.

During the heated debate with guest host Chelsea Clinton, 42, and Alyssa Farrah Griffin, 33. Whoopi, 66, شرح: “Don’t let people b.s. you about what’s really going on here.

You have the rightwhen you go in to voteto vote for the people who actually care what’s happening with you. You have to keep an eye out for that.

Sunny Hostin, 43, argued: “A lot of these oil companies are in Texas. Lower the prices for Americans.

They’re making so much money on oil and gas here in the United States.

Before cutting to the commercial break, Whoopi said: ” ولكن هل تعلم? We may sound gassy, but we’re not.

The other co-hosts awkwardly laughed as the Ghost actress continued: “We’ll be right back.

The ladies of The View have returned to their set in New York City after taking a trip to the Bahamas, where they celebrated 25 seasons of the daytime show.


But host Joy Behar has been mysteriously missing since they’ve been back on set, و Whoopi recently joked about her disappearance.

After days with no explanation, fans became worried about where she was and if she was feeling healthy.

They began begging for answers regarding Joy’s whereabouts after Wednesday’s show, which was the third day in a row the host was out.

Whoopi finally gave an update on her View co-host’s mysterious absence during Thursday’s broadcast.

أولا, she shared that Sara Haines, who has also been out all week, is still sick at home with Covid.

The moderator then explained: “Joy is not out with Covid.”

“She’s getting over something else, the flu.”

Then she went on to joke about the 79-year-old: “Or maybe she’s pregnant, لا أدري، لا أعرف."

This update both gave worried fans some relief, as well as cracked them up.

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One fan tweeted: “Wow lol ‘Or maybe she’s pregnant.’”

كتب آخر, “Get better Joy,” to which a fellow fan joked back in response: “Or give birth soon!"

Whoopi joked that her co-stars were 'gassy'

Whoopi joked that her co-stars were ‘gassyالإئتمان: ABC
The View hosts recently returned from the Bahamas

The View hosts recently returned from the Bahamasالإئتمان: ABC
Joy has been out since their arrival back in the states

Joy has been out since their arrival back in the statesالإئتمان: جيتي