This is how much train drivers get paid and how to become one

NOT all jobs require university degrees and some industries offer apprenticeships to help get your career started.

Here is what you need to know about becoming a train driver in the UK and how much it pays.

 The average salary for a train driver in the UK is £48,500 a year
The average salary for a train driver in the UK is £48,500 a year

What is a train driver’s salary in the UK?

The amount train drivers earn depends on the company they work for and their experience.

Recruitment website Reed estimated the average train driver salary to be £48,500 a year in the UK.

The starting salary is around £30,000 and once you earn more experience, you can see yourself earning over £65,000.

A train driver in Londres can see him or herself earning £58,795 and experienced workers can earn over £69,000.

En Escocia, most train drivers start off with £38,195 and once the probation period ends they can see their pay rise to £48,360.

Drivers work an average of 35 para 40 hours a week, including weekend and evening shifts.

Benefits include free or cut-price travel.

How do you become a train driver?

To become a train driver you need to apply for a training programme with an operating company.

Normally you’ll need to be over 20 years old to work on the national rail network or over 18 Para el Tube.

You’ll also need to live within one hour of the area you are applying to work in.

Alternatively you could start out by doing another job such as passenger assistant or conductor, and then apply for trainee driver posts when they become available, or do a train driver advanced apprenticeship at a train operating company.

What qualifications do you need to become a train driver?

When applying for trainee driver, or to be an apprentice, employers will usually expect GCSEs in English and Maths at grades 9 para 4 (A* to C) or equivalent.

The training programme can last between 12 y 24 meses.

You’ll also need to:

  • Live within an hour’s travel of the depot you’re applying to
  • Pass enhanced background checks and a medical check

Drivers are responsible for the safety of hundreds of people every day so they need to be sure new recruits can handle it.

Do you get paid while training to become a train driver?

If you’re interested in a career as a driver, you may be wondering whether you can afford to train.

The good news is, you shouldn’t have to pay to get your ambitions on track.

Drivers are employed while they are training and get paid the entry salary for that operator.

What age do train drivers retire?

There is no age limit for train drivers.

Driversunion Aslef has said they should retire at the state pension edad.

Some drivers on older contracts were able to retire any time after the age of 50.

Why do train drivers always go on strike?

Since summer 2022, rail workers have been going on strike to dispute about pay, compulsory redundancies and working conditions.

Mick Lynch, general secretary of the RMT Unión, dice: “This latest round of huelgas will show how important our members are to the running of this country and will send a clear message that we want a good deal on job security, pay and conditions for our people.

“We have been reasonable, but it is impossible to find a negotiated settlement when the dead hand of government is presiding over these talks.”

Navidad is expected to be heavily impacted and passengers have been warned to plan their journey home early if they want to get back to the family in time for the holidays.

Network Rail and 14 other transport operators are all striking with four unionsRMT, Aslef, Unite and the TSSAfighting for train drivers’ derechos.

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