La star di TikTok Gabriel Salazar ha detto che è "difficile da sostituire" prima che dicesse che è morto

IN the weeks leading up to his death, 19-year-old TikTok star Gabriel Salazar posted that he was “hard to replace,” in videos and captions that are heartbreaking for fans today.

Following reports that the teenager died in a car crash over the weekend, Gabriel’s TikToks, which often feature footage of him driving, have taken on added emotional weight.

The 19-year-old's death has not been confirmed by law enforcement officials

The 19-year-old’s death has not been confirmed by law enforcement officialsCredito: Instagram

The TikTok star had 1.3million followers.

Just one month ago, Gabriel posted a photo on Instagram, with the captionShe let me go and now its hard to replace me.”

And on September 15, less than two weeks before his reported death, he posted a similarly moody clip to TikTok, with text readingCant even love myself u think ima believe u love me?”

Based on his posts, Gabriel had been in a car accident previously.

In Aprile, Gabriel posted a video with a morose series of captions.

“Me at my lowest: someone hitting my car causing me to go off the highway, parents not believing in me, losing motivation in everything,” the captions rattled off.

Commenters expressed concern for Gabriel’s physical safety, and his mental health.

And in August, he posted a video, showing him in front of his vehicle, sottotitolato “putting all my time and money into my car after I got hit.

When the scene transitioned, it showed Gabriel shaking his head, along with the captionThrows a rod on my first drive after the accident.

Several of Gabriel’s videos feature footage of the teenager behind the wheel, and allude to the process of repairing and replacing his vehicle following his accident in the spring.

The TikTok star posted to the video platform and to Instagram in the days before his death

The TikTok star posted to the video platform and to Instagram in the days before his deathCredito: Instagram

The claim that he was killed in a crash in San Antonio, Texas, a settembre 26 has not yet been confirmed.

Secondo The Post, PIO Jennifer Saucedo Rodriguez of the San Antonio Police Department said that “no one by that name [era] involved in any crashes from this weekend.”

Stella di TikTok, 19, ha detto "non riesco nemmeno ad amare me stesso" prima che dicesse che è morto

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