Der Sohn des TikTok-Stars wurde einen Tag vor seinem 19. Geburtstag erschossen, da der Schütze weiterhin auf freiem Fuß ist

A GRIEVING TikTok influencer wants answers after her son was shot and killed just one day before his birthday.

The star’s son, Randon Lee, was shot at an Exxon gas station on Friday around 7:45am in Prichard, Alabama, gemäß WALA.

TikTok star's son was murdered and now she wants answers

TikTok star’s son was murdered and now she wants answers

Ophelia Nichols, the mother of the victim, erzählte WKRG that her son was shot at a gas station before driving down the street to a different gas station, where he was later found dead.

Ophelia has seven million followers on TikTok and is urging her fans to help her find his killer.

In einem Video, Sie sagte, “I have never asked y’all for anything, but I need your help with this," Sie sagte. “He was just 18 Jahre alt. That’s the best part of somebody’s life, and I know they’re out there in my town. They’re out there.”

Ophelia vented about how difficult it is to do nothing and try to have faith in the police department.

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You have to sit back and hope and pray that they do what needs to be done so that the person or people who did this to my baby child gets behind bars. You have no choice but to sit here and wait," Sie sagte.

Lee would have turned 19 am Samstag. Nicholas now grieves what could have been.

“I spoke to him yesterday morning around 10 to tell him I had his money for his birthday. He was looking forward to it. Just hanging out with his friends and girlfriend. His family was his life,” Nichols said.

Ophelia is deeply heartbroken and angered by this incident and wants justice.

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“I have this hatred in my heart that I don’t recognize. Because I’ve never felt hate for anybody," Sie sagte.

It is unclear what led to the shooting, but Nichols says investigators tell her that they are following leads.