Tipping Point fans complain after ‘sexiest cowquestion leaves then stunned

TIPPING Point viewers were left unamused over a question about ‘Britain’s sexiest cow’.

Sunday’s Lucky Stars spin-off, hosted by GMB regular Ben Shephard, voorgestel Kom streng dans judge Bruno Tonioli, former Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley and TV doctor Zoe Williams.

This question caused quite a stir on Tipping Point

This question caused quite a stir on Tipping PointKrediet: ITV
Zoe didn't get the question right

Zoe didn’t get the question rightKrediet: ITV

The celebrities were battling against each other in an effort to win their chosen charities the jackpot prize of £20,000.

Vanoggend regular Dr Zoe Williams proved she knew her stuff as she raced ahead into the final round with her impressive knowledge, but many viewers found one of the questions she was asked in the final round to be inappropriate.

Presenter Ben asked Zoe: “Which breed was voted Britain’s sexiest cow Cow in June 2018?”

After being given three multiple choice answers, TV star Zoe guessed incorrectly before Ben offered up an explanation as to what the correct answer was.

Ben told her: “It’s the Jersey cow, they have amazing eye-lashes.

The question however did not go down well with viewers at home with many taking to Twitter to express their dismay at the poor choice of questioning.

One online user exclaimed: “Sexist cow, what the f***?! #TippingPoint”

Nog een het bygevoeg: “Why are the questions on the celeb version so random? They try to be funny but they really are not. #Keerpunt.”

One viewer tried to see the humour in the question and made a light-hearted joke in reference to host Ben.

Hulle het geskryf: “Ben deffo voted in the British sexiest cow poll. #Keerpunt.”

Despite the curveball of a question, Zoe triumphed over her fellow competitors and had the chance of scooping the £20,000 prize.

Zoe found herself faced with a dilemma whether she would play it safe with the £6,700 she had secured earlier in the show or gamble to see if the Jackpot Counter would topple over the edge.

Gelukkig, the brainy doctor chose to retain her existing winnings which proved to be the right call as Ben showed her and the viewers at home what would have happened should she have decided to take the risk.

The Jackpot Counter refused to move meaning had she gambled she would have lost everything.

Zoe made it through to the final round of the contest

Zoe made it through to the final round of the contestKrediet: ITV
Zoe looks baffled at the latest question

Zoe looks baffled at the latest questionKrediet: ITV

Tipping Point airs at 3pm on ITV.