Tommy Fury beats MMA star Anthony Taylor on points on Jake Paul’s undercard

TOMMY FURY kept on course to fighting Jake Paul by beating the YouTuber’s sparring partner Anthony Taylor.

Fury convincingly outboxed and outmanned Taylor on the undercard of Paul’s fight with ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Credit: @ShowtimeBoxing

The 2019 Love Island star won all four rounds largely at range and behind his jab, unitising the massive size difference.

It put Fury to 7-0 in his career and announced himself to the US market for the first time.

And afterwards he called on Paul to get the job done against Woodley, to male sure their all-celebrity blockbuster is a go.

Fury said: “Jake Paul should have an easy night on that night, so He’s got no excuse for not taking the fight.

“Let’s get it on Jake Paul. I’ve done my bit, you do your bit.”

Paul has spent his last two training camps sparring Taylor, a veteran of Bellator with a 7-5 MMA record.

And he put his training partner up against Fury in a bid to give his online rival some exposure to the Stateside audience.

Taylor was almost a stone outweighed in comparisons to their respected weight classes, and gave away four inches in height.

And it was evident from the first round as Fury boxed behind a smart jab and completely controlled the distance.

Taylor struggled to get on the inside and often looked off balance and out of ideas, despite winging in some haymakers right hands.

Already Fury was starting time time his American opponent coming in specifically with a right uppercut, which looked to have made a mark.

Heading into the second round and again it was the rear uppercut which looked to have the most affect.

Fury was starting to pile on the pressure but Taylor tucked up and at times looked to be holding on and avoid a knockdown.

By the third round, Taylor was on the back foot and trying to avoid Fury’s right hand but was unable to deal with the feints and jabs coming his way.

Fury looked to have his man hurt on occasions in the final round but was left with too little time to finish with a showstopping knockout.

Still, all four judges scored the fight unanimously in his favour as Fury walked away from Paul’s home of Cleveland with a win.

The social media sensation headlined the night in his fourth and toughest fight against Woodley.

Fury said: “Looking at that, Jake Paul, you should have an easy night mate, shouldn’t you? There’s no excuses now.

“You’ve seen everybody, I’ve had the biggest cheer in the place.

There’s no excuses, no running, no hiding. I want you next, you bum. Let’s get it on.