Domani è il giorno più pericoloso dell'anno per guidare, dice il principale assicuratore

A LEADING car insurer has warned motorists that Sunday 4th December is the most dangerous day of the year to drive.

Based on 10 years of claims data, insurance giant Admiral has picked out tomorrow as having the most claims each year.

Car insurer Admiral has warned drivers of the most dangerous day to drive

Car insurer Admiral has warned drivers of the most dangerous day to driveCredito: Alamy

The data also revealed the top 10 most dangerous days to drive across the whole 12 mesi.

Of the top 10 dates with the most accidents, 70% fall within December, and all are within the darker winter months.

Admiral is urging people to be more cautious on the roads with the shorter days and poor weather conditions, especially during the build-up to Christmas.

Lorna Connelly, head of claims at Admiral said: “With Christmas approaching, many of us will be travelling by car to visit friends and family, hit the shops and enjoy festive days out.

“But the combination of shorter days and poor weather conditions can make winter driving difficult. And with chaos predicted across the UK’s rail network this Christmas, the roads are likely to be busier than ever.


1 – 4th December

2 – 1st December

3 – 30th November

4 – 5th December

5 – 18th January

6 – 20th December

7 – 14th December

8 – 27th November

9 – 10th December

10 – 18th December

“Our claims data reveals the most dangerous day to drive is 4questo dicembre, as this is the date when we see the most accident claims.

This is followed by 1ns December and 30questo novembre.

"Infatti, all of the top ten days with the most accident claims fall in winter months (novembre, December and January) with seven of the top ten days falling in December, in the run-up to Christmas.

Admiral has also given advice to motorists on how to best prepare for winter driving.

These include packing a bag with anything you’ll need for the trip the night before, planning your route and checking for any potential road works or traffic black spots before you head off.

It also suggests topping up engine coolant, checking oil levels and tyre pressures and using an app like Wazea live sat nav which uses data from other motorists to help you avoid traffic.