Tourist drowns after being dragged out to sea by freak wave while taking pic

A TOURIST has drowned after she was dragged out to the sea by a massive wave while trying to take a picture on the Italian coast.

Ines Gomila, 36, was with her husband Sebastian Queiroz, 52, when they were hit by the huge wave on the Amalfi coast.

Ines posing with her husband Sebastian

Ines posing with her husband SebastianKrediet: Nuusflits
The pair was on holiday on the Amalfi coast

The pair was on holiday on the Amalfi coastKrediet: Nuusflits
Ines was swept away by a massive wave

Ines was swept away by a massive waveKrediet: Nuusflits

The couple were trying to get a picture during a storm when they were both swept out to the sea.

The tragedy struck on the morning of November 23, when the pair was going down one of the coves of the Furore fjord, according to Argentinian media.

The couple were visiting the town of Furore, near Naples when the massive wave hit them and dragged them both into the water.

Locals who saw what was happening tried to help them by throwing in a rope.

Sebastian managed to hang onto some rocks and was rescued.

He was taken to the Castiglione di Ravello hospital.

Recalling the horror moment he told Telenoche: “First I took a photo of her, then she took one of me, and then we placed ourselves to take a selfie.

And a wave came, it hit us and threw us.

There was a rough sea, we didn’t expect a wave of that size to come and do what it did. ”

Speaking about his late wife he said sheis now with God.

“At this moment I feel her next to me, I know that she is here and she accompanies me with her. She is fine and she is happy,” hy het bygevoeg.

The pair from the city of Cordoba in Argentina reportedly loved to travel and had visited Italy in the past.

Local officials said that the area was heavily affected in a statement: “In Minori, the sea swallowed the pier, lifting the iron bars and dragging a large amount of logs and debris of all kinds onto the beach and the promenade: the mayor ordered the promenade closed and cordoned off the entire area.

The Italian authorities said that schools have been closed in many of the municipalities in the area and that this time of yearthe sea tends to be very rough or heavy with storm surges along the coasts.

The couple had visited Italy before

The couple had visited Italy beforeKrediet: Nuusflits