Die Verwandten des tragischen Arthurs bösen Vaters wurden von seiner Beerdigung VERBOTEN’ als Familie im Krieg

HEARTBROKEN loved ones of tragic Arthur Labinjo-Hughes have reportedly been banned from his funeral amid a family split.

Paternal relatives are understood to have been blocked from attending the send-off by the six-year-old’s maternal side of the family.

Mum Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow with tragic Arthur

Mum Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow with tragic Arthur

Arthur’s mum Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, who is in jail for killing her lover, was finally given permission to bury her son last month.

A man claiming to be the brother of Arthur’s killer dad Thomas Hughes revealed the latest cruel twist on the Arthur’s Voice Facebook page.

Daniel wrote: “Today was a new low. Heute, my family and I were informed we will not be allowed to attend the funeral.

He lashed out at the maternal side of the family fortrying to have a funeral without telling us”.

Daniel said: “We will not “gatecrash” Arthur’s funeral, it could lead to a scene and that beautiful little boy deserves only the best send off.

“It’s not a pick a side situation. There are no sides. There is only Arthur. Maternal and paternal families grieve for him.”

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The uncle, who was threatened with arrest when he attempted to flag his concerns about the youngster to police, later posted a clip of the boy playing golf.

He said he wanted to bringsome positivityback the group and explained the clip wasone of my many attempts to make him fall in love with golf”.

Daniel said: “This group is about Arthur. The last 24 hours it has turned away from that and that is down to what I said.

Whilst I don’t regret it, I also know Arthur would not have wanted any bickering from either side of his family.

Arthur was starved, poisoned with salt and eventually beaten to death after being tortured in his final months by Emma Tustin and Hughes.

The evil dad finally agreed to release Arthur’s body in December so he can be laid to rest 16 months after he was murdered.

His lawyer Bernard Richmond QC said Hughes had left the issue of his remains to his family and Arthur’s mum Labinjo-Halcrow.

Due to an alleged family dispute, the youngster remains were left lying in a hospital in the Midlands.

Mr Richmond said: “I have spoke to him and said this can’t go on. He has instructed me to say that Arthur’s remains, after a service with his family, must go to his mother’s family for her to have a funeral and she must have control of his ashes.

He does hope he can give Olivia a tiny scrap of peace.


Arthur’s maternal gran, Madeleine Halcrow, said previously she sought legal advice andhoped that we can reach some sort of agreement with the Hughes family – for Arthur’s sake.

Labinjo-Halcrow told in a victim impact statement how she was “Herz gebrochen” at the thought of her son’s body being stored alone in a cold box.

She wants to bury him in a small quiet funeral in a churchyard in Birmingham.

Tustin, 32, was jailed for life at Coventry Crown Court with a minimum term of 29 years for murder.

Sein “erbarmungslos” Papa, 29, was caged for 21 years after being found guilty of manslaughter.

Their sentences have now been referred to the Court of Appeal by the Attorney General.

The Sun Online has contacted Daniel for comment.

A probe has been launched into Arthur's death

A probe has been launched into Arthur’s deathAnerkennung: PA
The youngster was starved, poisoned and isolated

The youngster was starved, poisoned and isolatedAnerkennung: PA
Tustin ahd Hughes tortured the boy to death

Tustin ahd Hughes tortured the boy to deathAnerkennung: PA
She was jailed for life with a minimum of 29 Jahre

She was jailed for life with a minimum of 29 Jahre
Hughes was caged for 21 years for manslaughter

Hughes was caged for 21 years for manslaughterAnerkennung: PA

Arthur’s tearful gran says his killers will ‘burn in helland says tragic boy must’ve felt his own ‘impending doom