'Traumatizzato’ le figlie difendono il padre dopo che l'accusa di omicidio per la madre scomparsa è caduta

ALMOST two years to the day of the second anniversary of Suzanne Morphew’s disappearance, her daughters are speaking out in support of their father.

In the family’s first interview since the charges against Barry Morphew were dropped, the daughters insisted on their father’s innocence.

Barry, Mallory, and Macy Morphew walk out of court together after charges against Barry were dropped

Barry, Mallory, and Macy Morphew walk out of court together after charges against Barry were dropped

The family sat for an interview with ABC News as daughter Mallory Morphew said they are finally ready to speak.

Barry Morphew added: “I just love my girls and I love my wife and I just want her to be found.

Suzanne Morphew was a former teacher in Colorado and ran a non-profit charity organization called the Suzanne R. Morphew Hope Foundation in 2012.

È misteriosamente scomparsa il giorno della festa della mamma, Maggio 10, 2020, lasciando le autorità in una situazione di stallo riguardo a dove si trovasse per quasi un anno.

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Missing mom, 49, presumed DEAD in dad's obituary as he loses cancer battle


Missing mom, 49, presumed DEAD in dad’s obituary as he loses cancer battle

A Maggio 5, 2021, Barry Morphew was arrested in connection with her disappearance.

This year on April 20, those charges — which included first-degree murder — were dropped just days before he was supposed to go on trial.

“We miss our mom dearly and we know our dad didn’t have anything to do with it,” Mallory Morphew said in the courtroom when the charges were dropped.

She added that she and her sister “fully support this dismissal," according to 9News.

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It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, but we feel we can finally take our first steps in healing,” says Mallory Morphew to ABC news.

Prosecutors told the court they believe officials are close to finding Suzanne Morphew’s body, and that proving she’s dead isthe most influential fact of consequence,” secondo a court filing.

Examining her body could incriminate her husband or take him off the suspect list, hanno aggiunto.

The father and two daughters were seen walking out of the courtroom arm in arm and smiling on the day the charges against Barry were dropped.

Macy Morphew says she hopes district attorney Linda Stanley willstep up to the plateand help find Suzzane Morphew.

What they’ve done is not fair and we’re never going to stop looking for our mom.

Barry Morphew’s attorney, Iris Eytan, claims the authorities have mishandled the case and is planning to file a complaint against Stanley

If you want to honor Suzanne, and you want to honor the daughters, go find Suzanne,” said Eytan.

Suzanne allegedly planned to run away to Ecuador with married dad of six Jeff Libler days before she vanished, possibly giving Barry a motive.

She texted him: “We need to be husband and wife.

It’s alleged Suzanne said that she wanted to marry Libler but couldn’t because ofreligious reasons”.

Libler and Suzanne — both former classmates in an Indiana high school —were having an affair for two years, the testimony alleged.

Speaking at the hearing, Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office Commander Alex Walker said law enforcement discovered the affair last year and learned that Libler had met up with Suzanne six times.

Libler spoke with special investigators and told them Barry learned about some of the messages being sent between him and Suzanne, according to Fox21.

It was revealed in court that Libler had suggested back in December 2019 that Ecuador had low living costs and good healthcare.

Suzanne had looked up language schools in the South American country after Libler suggested the idea, DailyMail.com segnalato.

It was also revealed that Suzanne used a spy pen due to suspicions that her husband was having an affair.

Pals of the missing mom testified that Suzanne used to tell Libler about how “strained” her marriage to Barry was.

The court saw text messages between Suzanne and friend Sheila Oliver.

One message shown in court said: “It’s Jekyll and Hyde again. He and Mal were together last night.

Prob switching it on when he talks with her. Ugh. I feel like I’m crazy. I just had a conversation with him. Pretty much told him I can’t be healthy and stay in this.”

Suzanne sometimes referred to Barry as “Jekyll and Hyde”.

E, Barry was allegedly seen with a mystery redhead in Salida in Februarymonths before his arrest, secondo Mail giornaliera.

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Body of missing mom found & 'multiple suspects in custody' after frantic search


Body of missing mom found & ‘multiple suspects in custodyafter frantic search

He was apparently seen tucking into dinner at a Mexican restaurant before dropping her off at a hotel.

Then days later, he was allegedly seen with the same woman in conversation with her in his white truck outside the Salida Comfort Inn.

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