TV cameraman slammed for panning away from a hockey match to film a COCKROACH

A TV camera operator has been slammed on social media for showing a COCKROACH during a hockey match at Tokyo 2020.

Argentina were taking on Spain in Pool B of the women’s hockey event.

Coverage bizarrely cut to a pitchside cockroach

Coverage bizarrely cut to a pitchside cockroach
Argentina would win the match 3-0

Argentina would win the match 3-0الإئتمان: AP

With the former leading 1-0 with around five minutes to go, Argentine coverage of the match decided to focus on a pitchside cockroach.

The commentator on TyC Sports simply said: “La Cucaracha.

And the moment has baffled fans online.

One scathingly wrote: “Olympic athletes competing at a high level? Not interested. Cockroach waddling? نعم.”

A second joked: “When you get a sports media job, but you’re not that into sports.

And a third sighed: “That roach did not need that much screen time.

Although a fourth added: “Give this little guy a gold medal.

When the coverage did get back to showing the game, Argentina went on to win 3-0.

They have since beaten China 3-2 and Japan 2-1.

But they fell this morning to Australia, losing 2-0.

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