Twitch 明星通过伪装成“卡通猫女”拥有数百万粉丝’

A CONTENT creator has gone super-viral for her anime half-cat, half-girl filter and quirky antics.

Nyatasha Nyanners has 1.4million subscribers on YouTube and over 800,000 followers on the streaming platform Twitch.

Nyanners' avatar will animate to mimic its human host's speech and movements in real time

Nyannersavatar will animate to mimic its human host’s speech and movements in real time信用: Twitter/Nyanners
Nyanners will engage with commenters during streams

Nyanners will engage with commenters during streams信用: Youtube/Nyanners

Nyanners is a VTubera streamer whose human identity is masked by a computer generated avatar.

Nyannersavatar, complete with pink hair, cartoonishly large eyes and furry cat ears, has captivated audiences with videos that feel like hallucinations.

In a video that combined horror, pleasure, anime and photo-realism, Nyannersmilked herself with a real breast pump.

My brain is completely unleashed sometimes. It goes off in a direction and I just let it go and it ends up somewhere and I’m like ‘that’s cool we’ll run with that.’Nyanners told 德克斯特 in a profile.

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Nyanners described herself as “some kind of horrible abomination that came from the farthest reaches of space… disguised as a pink cat girl to take over the world through Twitch streaming.”

The notion of a disguisein Nyannerscase a 2D rendering overlaying her actual facehas some outsiders stumped.

I see a lot of comments like ‘why are you watching this anime girl avatar, it could be a dude with a beard’Nyanners said.

Even if it was, why does it matter?…If you’re entertained, who cares who is behind the avatar?”


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Nyanners is on contract with a VTuber agency called VShojo.

VShojo scored $11百万 in funding to expand its reach, with VTube stars like Nyanners blazing the unexplored trail.

The team has over four million followers on Twitch.

There’s people who are still iffy about VTubers and don’t understand them and I get that. It’s a weird thing, I’ll admit. It’s weird what we do and I get that people don’t get it,” Nyanners said.


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Some people do get itand they love it.

YouTube’s 2020 Culture and Trends report shows that VTubers are getting over 1.5billion views per month.



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