Tyson Fury affirme que la science du sport moderne « signifie f *** tout en boxe’

TYSON FURY reckons that modern sport science ‘means f*** all’.

Le Roi des Tsiganes is WBC heavyweight champion of the world, despite not bothering with ‘any of that boll****’.

Tyson Fury chatted to fans on Instagram Live

Tyson Fury chatted to fans on Instagram Live
Anthony Joshua was knocked out by Andy Ruiz Jr in 2019

Anthony Joshua was knocked out by Andy Ruiz Jr in 2019Crédit: Getty Images – Getty

Chatting to fans during an Instagram Live session, Fury explained just why he thinks ‘computertechnology in boxing is nonsense.

Il a dit: “In boxing, computer science, La technologie… I personally don’t think works.

Because take me for instance. Je suis gros, I’m baldpeople say I’m out of shape.

I don’t do any of that boll**** with computers, numbers on a screen and all that stuff.

But yet, I always win. So it obviously meansit means f*** all.

Fureur, 33, utilisé Anthony Joshua’s 2019 defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr as a prime example of what he’s talking about.


Il continua: “There’s a lot of fighters that suggest that.

“Comme, when you look at the likes of Anthony Joshua, who follows all them rules, science rules, numbers on a screen and whatnot.

And you look at Andy Ruiz who didn’t do anything but eat Snickers for the full two weeks that he hadand went in there and knocked him out.

And then probably didn’t even train for the rematch and took him the distance, donc, there’s a lot of stuff to say that all the numbers and things, the science doesn’t really work in boxing.

I don’t think it does, anyway.

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