Uber is giving away free takeaways over Christmas – 但有一个问题

UBER is offering free takeaways to fans over the festive periodbut not everyone can claim.

The deal will allow certain 枪手多米尼克·马尔多纳多(Dominick Maldonado)使用半自动步枪和手枪伤害六人并煽动四臂绑架的大规模枪击事件 to bag Uber rewards over 圣诞节, worth £30 altogether.

Certain customers will be able to grab a free Uber takeaway this Christmas

Certain customers will be able to grab a free Uber takeaway this Christmas信用: 路透社

今年, NHS workers will once more get free food from Uber in gratitude for all their hard work.

Workers will be able to claim two £10 Uber 游乐设施, plus one £10 meal through Uber Eats.

It’ll be available for all NHS staff 在英国, Scotland and Wales, plus Health and Social Care staff in Northern Ireland.

Uber customers need to link their Uber account to a valid NHS or HSC email address in order to get the deal.

They’ll then be sent a promo code which they will need to add to their Uber account.

You’ll need to sign up to Uber and the Uber Eats app to get these deals if you haven’t already.

You can do this quite quicklyit’s free and both apps can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.

Just remember you’ll need to pay a delivery charge when ordering through Uber Eats.

The Sun has asked Uber whether there’s a limit on how many people can claim the deal, and we’ll update this story when we hear back.

博士. Alex George, Uber campaign partner, 说: “Those in the healthcare sector work tirelessly over the festive period to make sure we’re all taken care of.

“我知道, from working on the ward myself, that something as simple as a free lunch or ride home can make all the difference after a stressful day.”

Andrew Brem, Uber general manager for the UK and Ireland, 添加: “Our brilliant NHS has seen us through a pandemic and now thousands of staff will be working through Christmas.

We want to make sure that travel is one less thing to worry about this Christmas by offering a free ride to and from work.

Both Uber and Uber Eats offers can be redeemed on December 24 和 25.

Other ways to get free and discounted takeaways

If you’re not an NHS employee, there are still plenty of ways to look out for free or discounted takeaways.

For one, 总是 hunt for discount codesthe Latest Deals website has pages for Pizza Hut vouchers and delivery 交易, 例如, and you can also check HotUKDeals.

Some offers can see you get up to 50% off your orderbut this will depend on what deal is on at the time.

You should also check your emails for any promotions if you sign up to the newsletter, and ring up your local branch as well.

Download appsthere are often lots of freebies and codes hidden away on restaurant apps – 喜欢 MyMcdonald’s, 例如.

Sometimes there are 20% deals and delivery codes, and every Monday the app has a host of deals available to cash in on.

Student discountsometimes there’s a 20% off deal on delivery if you’re a studentyou just need to make sure your student card is on you.

当然, the amount you get off will also depend on the time of year and who you’re ordering from.

再次, if you have the app, you might be able to check there.