Svelato il supermercato più economico del Regno Unito per un grande negozio – e potresti risparmiare fino a £ 38

THE cheapest supermarket in the UK has once again been crownedand it could save you £38 on a big shop.

Consumer champion Quale? compared supermercato prices in November.

The cheapest supermarket for a big shop has been revealed

The cheapest supermarket for a big shop has been revealedCredito: Getty
Aldi was the cheapest supermarket for a basket and Asda was the cheapest for a trolley

Aldi was the cheapest supermarket for a basket and Asda was the cheapest for a trolley

Quale? compared eight chains and 149 Oggetti – including branded items, such as Andrex toilet paper and Cathedral City cheese.

It found the best place to go for a big shop was Asda, where the items cost a total of £355.34.

Discount supermarkets Aldi e Lidl were not included in the big shop comparison, as the same items aren’t always available there.

It meant Asda continued its streak as the cheapest traditional supermarket, which started in January 2020.

The runner-up was Sainsbury's, where the total came in at £366.83 for the 149 Oggetti – £11.49 more than Asda.

Nel frattempo, Waitrose was £38.03 more expensive than Asda, coming in at £393.37 on average for the same trolley of goods.

The full results were as follows:

  • Asda -£355.34
  • Sainsbury's – £366.83
  • Tesco – £375.90
  • Morrisons – £377.83
  • Ocado- £380.44
  • Waitrose – £393.37

It’s important to note that the analysis is done just on the basket of goods at the timeprices frequently change, and many supermarkets have items on offer.

You should always shop around to see what deals are out there.

You can look up items yourself online before heading to a store, or by using handy comparison websites like

Cheapest place for a smaller shop

Quale? also did an analysis of how much it costs to do a smaller shop of 48 Oggetti.

In this case, the two main discounters were included and they were a clear winner and runner-up.

Aldi was the cheapest overall, with the Which? shop costing £77.21 on average.

This marks its fifth consecutive win in the monthly comparison.

Aldi beat rival supermarket Lidl by £1.36, where the basket of goods cost £78.57.

Nel frattempo, Waitrose came last once again working out as £26.10 more expensive than Aldi.

The full results were:

  • Aldi – £77.21
  • Lidl£78.57
  • Tesco – £87.60
  • Asda – £87.66
  • Sainsbury's – £89.85
  • Morrisons – £93.49
  • Ocado£96.09
  • Waitrose – £104.11

Reena Sewraz, Retail Editor at Which?, disse: “No one wants to overpay for basic groceries, especially in the build-up to the festive season when many household budgets will be stretched.

“Our findings show that while prices are going up, some supermarkets are significantly more expensive than others.

As well as choosing a supermarket that is cheap overall, other ways to save include swapping from branded to supermarket own-brand products, sticking to a shopping list, and resisting the temptation to pick up special offers you don’t need.”

The Sun has contacted each supermarket for comment.

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