Unwanted weight gain after baby has made my daughter very tough to deal with

DEAR DEIDRE: MY daughter has been walking all over me since having a baby and gaining unwanted weight.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, but has gone from a size 8 to an 18, and complains about her overhang from her  C-section.

She comes to me for advice and I give her tips, but then she snaps at me every time.

I know her weight gain gets her down and she’s adapting to the pressures of motherhood, but I don’t want to be her punch bag.

I’m her 54-year-old dad and my daughter is 28.

Her boyfriend isn’t supportive and complains when the baby cries.

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She only has me to depend on, but she’s pushing me away by berating me all the time.

I’m practising just listening instead of providing advice, but even that’s not good enough.

I’m spending less time with my daughter now.

How can I help her?

DEIDRE SAYS: I’m sorry to hear you’re spending less time with her.

Your daughter needs to take responsibility for her own health and fitness and our support pack, Weight Loss, can help.

Listening is the sensible way forward. But if you find yourself giving advice again, be sensitive to your timing and delivery.

Reserve your kindness for those that appreciate it for now, and set boundaries with your daughter.

Our support pack, Standing Up For Yourself, can help.