Urgent warning as drivers as could be fined £1,000 after an accident

DRIVERS are being warned about safety checks they must make on their vehiclesor risk a hefty fine.

去年 119,850 people were injured in car accidents, and motorists are being warned that they should make essential checks if they’ve been involved in an incident on the roadsor risk being left out of pocket.

Drivers should make sure to thoroughly check their vehicles after an accident

Drivers should make sure to thoroughly check their vehicles after an accident信用: 盖蒂

One of the most common issues is damage to a car’s lights, as even a minor scrape could cause headlights or brake lights to stop working completely.

If lights on your car aren’t working properly, you risk being pulled over by cops and handed a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

Fines for faulty lights can be as much as £60 for brake lights and £100 for headlights.

If the matter is progressed to court it could hit £1,000.

You also risk getting three points on your license.

Bumps and scrapes on the road could also lead to oil or radiator leaks, which can be extremely dangerous for drivers and other road users.

A leaky car can also be costlywith repairs setting drivers back around £1,250.

If damage goes on to affect other parts of the car like the engine, a leaky oil tank could lead to a bill that’s thousands of pounds.


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Drivers should also make sure to recalibrate Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) – which include features like lane assistance, adaptive cruise control, ABS, and parking sensorsafter an accident.

If you fail to get it checked, you risk invalidating your insurance.

It’s also vital to check and replace any safety equipment like seatbelts or children’s car seats if you’re involved in an incident on the roat.

Car expert Robert Harris, 董事 Vehicle Contracts 说: “In the event of a car accident, even if it’s low impact, thoroughly check your vehicle or take it into a garage for a once overit’s better to be safe than sorry.

By not doing the necessary checks, you’re risking the safety of the vehicle and also the chance of a fine. Your insurance company should be able to assist you with this.

Make sure you contact them to check their process if you’re booking in with a garage.

“最后, it is crucial to photograph your vehicle as soon as possible after an accident to document any damage, and collect witness details where necessary to avoid disputes.”

Even a minor scrape could lead to expensive damage

Even a minor scrape could lead to expensive damage信用: 盖蒂