US Navy warship ‘brazenly buzzedby UFOs in video taken by sailors on deck

A UFO video allegedly leaked from the US Navy shows a swarm mystery objectsbrazenlybuzzing a warship off the coast of San Diego.

It is the latest snippet of footage reportedly from an extraordinary encounter between the USS Omaha and 14 spherical UFOs said to be tracked at speeds of up to 158mph.

Red objects were filmed flying near the USS Omaha during the encounter

Red objects were filmed flying near the USS Omaha during the encounter
It is the latest snippet of footage released by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell

It is the latest snippet of footage released by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell

The footage was released by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who has been behind a string of high profile leaks featuring encounters between the US military and unidentified phenomena.

Corbell has become one of the leading voices in calling for the US Government to finally release what it knows about the strange encounters as the Pentagon released its highly anticipated report不明飞行物.

Leaked video published by Corbell shows a series of twinkling objects moving in the sky allegedly above the s USS Omaha off the California coast on July 15, 2019.

The objects – 美国军方的众多目击事件中的一些 – appear to be breaching the restricted area around the vessel, and footage previously released by the filmmaker shows them being tracked on vessel’s combat deck.

Corbell insists the footagewhile on the face of it seemingly unremarkableis yet further corroborating evidence of the encounters between the US Navy and UFOs.

I will let you determine the significance of this footage for yourselfyet I will highlight a few key aspects of this military UFO encounterfor your consideration,” Corbell wrote on Extraordinary Beliefs.

This footage illustrates that the UFOs surrounding our warships had lights (as previously reported) – that they were self-luminous and appeared to be unconcerned by the presence of our tactical Navy warships.

These UFOs were NOT inconspicuous… they were brazen; boldly buzzing our warships. To many involved, it stands to reason that the UFOs (their operators) WANTED to be seen and recorded.

What that suggests, I could only speculate… however, these objects have been conclusively determined by our Department of Defense to NOT be ours.

Previous videos released of the encounter shows thermal images which appear to show one of the objects before it plunged into the ocean, and another is filmed from one of the ship’s radar screens.

USS Omaha was reportedly buzzed by up to 14 UFOs in an encounter on July 15. 2019

USS Omaha was reportedly buzzed by up to 14 UFOs in an encounter on July 15. 2019信用: 阿拉米

With the string of videos now available to the public, Corbell describes the USS Omaha encounter as one of thebest sensor data documented UFO cases of all time”.

USS Omaha is an Independence-class combat shipcarrying a crew of 40, armed with advanced sensor systems, an array of guns and missiles, and a pair of helicopters alongside onboard scout drones.

The incident reportedly lasted up to two hours and the objects were believed to be around 6ft in diameter and were spherical in shapewith a submarine reportedly dispatched to investigate after one plunged into the ocean.

And the latest video was said to have been taken by the ship’s on board VIPER (visual information personnel) team.


UFOs have stepped from a fringe conspiracy theory to a genuine national security concern after the Pentagon took the incredible step of confirmed a series of leaked videos showing encounters with fighter pilots.

And the interest is only gaining steam as last week the Pentagon released a nine-page unclassified report which admitted there is something out there, and they don’t know what it is.

Campaigners for disclosure on the historically stigmatising topic hope the report is the first step in a journey to admissions about the true nature of UFOs.

US lawmakers, former defence officials, military pilots, NASA chiefs and even former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have all addressed the issueand agree there is something in our skies and we need to figure out what.

Video taken from the radar screen of the USS Omaha during the encounter

Video taken from the radar screen of the USS Omaha during the encounter信用: JEREMY CORBELL
Another video also from the USS Omaha shows the object plunging into the ocean

Another video also from the USS Omaha shows the object plunging into the ocean信用: JEREMY CORBELL

Corbell had previously directed 2018 documentary film Bob Lazar: Area 51 and the Flying Saucersand has now stepped to the fore in the push for more information on UFOs.

在接受采访时 TMZ, he said you couldbeat your bottom dollarthe US government has more information on UFOs than they released to the public in the Pentagon report.

And he said he was encouraged by the report as it is the first time in US history that officials have openly acknowledged its investigating the phenomena.

Pentagon officials meanwhile are believed to be setting up a dedicated UFO office following the report.

正准备成立一个专门研究奇怪现象的新单位 “正准备成立一个专门研究奇怪现象的新单位” the investigations of UFOs, 正准备成立一个专门研究奇怪现象的新单位 (正准备成立一个专门研究奇怪现象的新单位).

It set out a three point plan to pull together US investigations to try and work out exactly what these mysterious objects that defy normal understanding could be.




关于电影中捕捉到的现象是什么的争论仍然存在——但每个人都清楚, 天上有东西.

也许最引人注目的是一段名为“Tic Tac”的视频——它显示了一个不明物体被战斗机追捕.

美国还确认存在高级航空航天威胁识别计划 (亚洲航空运输协会) – 五角大楼计划在被解散之前研究不明飞行物 2017.

然而, 它于 6 月被 UAP 工作组取代 2020 在美国参议院情报委员会投票后.




并作为附加附录 5,500 页 Covid 救济法案于 12 月通过, 国家情报局局长被命令编写一份关于 UFO 的报告 180 天.

美国军方的众多目击事件中的一些 25, 美国军方的众多目击事件中的一些 – 美国军方的众多目击事件中的一些.

美国军方的众多目击事件中的一些 – 美国军方的众多目击事件中的一些 – 美国军方的众多目击事件中的一些.

美国军方的众多目击事件中的一些? 美国军方的众多目击事件中的一些, “美国军方的众多目击事件中的一些” 预计未来几个月和几年会进一步披露.

US lawmakers commissioned the report after a stunning string of leaked videos which showed military encounters with objects such as the infamousTic Tac”.

It marked a remarkable turnaround after the government officially dismissed UFOs at the conclusion of Project Blue Book in the 1960s.

And former Pentagon insider Luis Elizondo confirmed much of the report is likely still hiddenand rumours of other stunning photos and videos.

“The government has formally and officially come out and informed Congress that these things are – A, they’re real – and two, that they’re not ours and that they seem to be performing, at least some of them … in remarkable ways,” Elizondo told Fox News.

一些 unhappy UFO fans branded the report awhitewash, but it is seen by many as the first step on the road to truly understanding what is going on in the skies.

The report admits the encounters could be previously unknown aircraft from China, Russia or event anon governmentterror group.

But it crucially did not rule out an extraterrestrial, or perhaps even extradimensional, origin for the encounters.

The Sun Online previously revealed the Pentagon is believed to have in its possession a picture of a Black TriangleUFO rising from the ocean in one of the most stunning encounters ever caught on camera.

UFOs kept covered up as military want to exploit ‘unbelievable’ advanced technology, says filmmaker Jeremy Corbell