Victoria Beckham bricht bei ihrem Wiedersehen mit Nicola Peltz in Tränen aus

VICTORIA Beckham broke down in tears at her Paris fashion show after reuniting with Nicola Peltz amid rumours of a rift between them.

Posh, 48, became emotional as she walked onto the runway following her first live show since the pandemic.

Victoria became emotional as she took to the stage after the show

Victoria became emotional as she took to the stage after the show
She hugged husband David in the audience

She hugged husband David in the audience

It came as her daughter-in-law, 27, sat in the audience, squashing rumours of a falling-out between the families.

Victoria covered her face and welled up in tears before running over to hug husband David.

While her tears may well have been relief at a successful show in Pariswhere she has never shown before

Nicola and husband BrooklynVictoria and David Beckham’s eldest sonhave been at Paris Fashion Week for several days, popping into a string of shows.

A source said yesterday that she was planning a united front for the pair in the French capital.

Sie erklärten: „Victoria extended the olive branch and asked Brooklyn and Nicola to stay on in Paris and come to her show,” says the insider.

“It would put a stop to the rift rumours and she and the family would love to see them.

“To have him and his wife sitting front row at her first Paris show would put on a united front.”

It comes after talk of a frosty relationship between the pair after an interview where Nicola suggested fashion designer Victoria reneged on a promise to create her wedding gown.

Sie sagte Grazia: “I was planning on wearing Victoria’s wedding dress and I was truly so excited to be able to wear a design that my future mother-in-law created.

Nicola said of the process: “A few days went by and I didn’t hear anything. Victoria called my mum and said her atelier couldn’t make it.

“So, I spoke to my mum and Leslie, and I was like, 'Gut, Leider, this can’t happen, so what’s the next step?'”

The truth, insists a fashion insider, is that the pair did have discussions about a dress.

jedoch, very early on Victoria realised it would be too much for her atelier — and politely explained she could not make it.