El video revela el momento en que los médicos descubren la verdad sobre un "cuerpo extraño" alojado en el globo ocular

THIS video reveals the moment doctors discovered the horrifying truth behind a patient’s sore eye.

A 34-year-old man attended an eye hospital in China and claimed that something was lodged in his eye ball.

The image above shows the worm in the eye of the 34-year-old man who presented at an eye hospital in China

The image above shows the worm in the eye of the 34-year-old man who presented at an eye hospital in ChinaCrédito: nejm.org

He said he felt as though there was a ‘foreign bodyand itching in his right eye.

Experts at the Joint Shantou International Eye Center, Shantou, China said the man had no known medical history and lived on a farm with his dog.

The experts examined his eye with slit-microscopy.

It was through this examination that they found two live worms beneath the upper eyelid.

The gruesome video shows the man’s eyelid being fully opened and the small translucent worms sliding across his eyeball.

Experts gave the man an topic anaesthetic and the worms were removed with a fine forecep.

After extracting the worms they were sent to a parasitology lab to be examined.

They were identified as Thelazia callipaeda.

These parasites were first found on dogs in China in 1910 and thousands of cases have since been reported in medical literature.

They can pass from animals to humans. The most typical way the parasites are passed on is if a fly that has the parasite lands on a dog or catwhich then passes it on to its human owner.

Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine the experts explained that they are aparasitic worm that is carried and transmitted by drosophilid flies, feeds on eye secretions and deposits larvae in the eyes of the definitive host, typically a dog but occasionally a human.

After a month the man had a follow up and he no longer had the sensation of a foreign body in his eye and has not reported a recurrence since then.

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