Virgin Media O2 is giving millions of customers faster broadband for free

MILLIONS of Virgin Media customers are set to get faster broadband speedsand they won’t have to pay extra.

Anyone who is already on the M100 or M200 package will get an upgrade for 自由.

Faster broadband speeds will given to Virgin customers for free

Faster broadband speeds will given to Virgin customers for free信用: 阿拉米

Instead they will get M125 and M250 speedsa boost of up to 24% on their current broadband speed.

The average download speed will go from 108Mbps to 132Mbps, and upload speeds from 10Mbps to 20Mbps.

Household’s broadband connections have an average speed of 79.1Mbps according to Ofcom.

The boost means downloading a 4k film will take 15 minutes instead of 19 on M125, or nine minutes instead of just over seven minutes on M250.

To get the free upgrade from Virgin Media you won’t need to do anything except restart your broadband hub.

Or you can do this via the Virgin Media Connect app, which can be used to control your wi-fi.

M100 customers pay from £26 a month and M200 from £30, though the exact price depends on if other services are included too.

For new customers signing up, they will pay these same prices and get the higher tiers instead.

Currently Virgin also offer M50 with speeds of 54Mbps, M350 with speeds of 362Mbps and M500 with speeds of 515Mbps.

You can also get Gig 1 fibre broadband form Virgin with speeds of 1130Mbps. There are no changes to these speeds or prices.

Customers of Volt, the combined service from Virgin Media and O2, will also get the free speed boost.

Jeff Dodds, boss of the telecoms firm said: “Virgin Media O2 set out with a clear aim to upgrade the UK, and giving millions of our customers enhanced value through our latest broadband speed boost is another step towards this.

“As reliance on connectivity continues to grow – and at a time when value matters more than ever – we’re proud to be giving our customers even more, on us.

It’s not the first time the the company has given customers a broadband boost for free.

在 2020, Virgin Media doubled the speed for more than half a million customers.

The telecoms firm has launched a new tariff for hard-up households that could slash hundreds from bills.

Virgin customers on a low income and getting Universal Credit could get the Essential Broadband package with speeds of 15Mbps for £12.50 per month instead of £15.

They can also get faster Essential Broadband Plus, offering speeds of 50Mbps for £20 a month instead of £35.

And anyone struggling to get by could get free data from the phone firm via the National Databank就是这样.

And you could save hundreds on your connection every year, a broadband expert has revealed.