Le gagnant de Walk The Line défend le « correctif »’ prétend que le passé secret est révélé

THE secret past of Walk The Line champion Nadiah Adu-Gyamfi has sparked backlash online overfix” réclamations.

The 30-year-old singer was cruelly trolled for being signed to a music label seven years ago under the name Moko.

Nadiah has big plans after winning Walk The Line

Nadiah has big plans after winning Walk The LineCrédit: Érotème
The singer won £500k on the talent show

The singer won £500k on the talent showCrédit: Instagram

It comes after she beat talented contestants to win half a million pounds on Simon Cowell’s new ITV talent show last week.

Un téléspectateur a dit: “Just a fix Nadiah (Moko) has two records and signed up to record labels.

I feel sorry for the other acts who were just cannon fodder.

Defending her career’s fresh start on the six-part series, Nadiah exclusively told The Sun: “I have noticed that people think that I am signed under the name Moko and worth millions of pounds, however this is far from the truth.

I have not performed under that name for 7 années.

“Dans 2014 I chose to go independent and since been an unsigned and self managed full time musician.

Les plus lus à la télévision

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show blow

GMB shock as show is CANCELLED between Xmas and New Year amid Covid fears

I’ve grown a lot therefore I am grateful this show has given me the opportunity to show people who I really am and start afresh simply as Nadiah”.

Hosted by Maya Jama, the show sees five musical actsbe they soloists, duos or bandstake to the stage to perform for the nation and the judges.

But to win the prize money, talent alone isn’t enough.

The contestants needed nerves of steel to choose whether to cash out their £10k or physically Walk The Line and risk it all for a place in the final.

Spilling secrets on what goes on behind the scenes, Nadiah said: “I have a habit of talking non stop due to nervousness and anyone who knows me knows I can speak for England!

So Annabel, my vocal coach would beg me everyday when I come to the studio to rest my voice. In the end I had to walk around with a ‘vocal restbanner tied to my chest and speak in sign language/ charades to the team.

We’d laugh trying to understand what I was trying to say and it became a running joke.

Nadiah described the £500k prize aslife changing”, but is yet to splash the cash.

Elle a dit: “I have been so used to growing up below the breadline so this money has definitely been life changing, my mum would work multiple jobs which meant we would often have to join her and wait for her to finish her cleaning shifts before going to school most mornings.

This lasted all the way through secondary school which meant I’ve always had it installed from early on that I would have to find ways to hustle to support my family as well as myself.

So far the most expensive thing I’ve purchased is an Uber Eats delivery for all my family, nothing too glamorous just yet.

Nadiah added: “I would like to get my mum her dream house first of all, help my brother and sister achieve their dreams and most importantly invest it into making the music I’ve always wanted to share with the world.

The reality star said that there was agreat atmosphere behind the scenesand also became friendly with host Maya Jama.

Elle a ajouté: “Maya and I also talked about making Ghanaian jollof rice quite a bit, looking forward to her teaching me how she makes hers.

The judging panel consisted of Gary Barlow, Alesha Dixon, Craig David and Dawn French.

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Nadiah was overcome with emotion on Friday night when she won the show

Nadiah was overcome with emotion on Friday night when she won the showCrédit: Érotème

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