Watch as I get my neighbour’s car TOWED after she parked across my driveway

THIS is the moment a neighbour’s car awa towed away after she parked across a driveway in a petty row.

Tiktoker 15amen revealed how he settled scores with his disgruntled neighbour in a short clip shared online.

A neighbour had her car towed away for parking it across a driveway

A neighbour had her car towed away for parking it across a drivewayCrédito: TikTok/@15amen
The car was loaded on a pick-up truck and driven away

The car was loaded on a pick-up truck and driven awayCrédito: TikTok/@15amen

The footage shows a neighbour’s black sedan being towed away by a pickup truck after intentionally parking in a driveway.

The car is then driven away on the back on the pickup truck.

Some lady was mad at us and blocked our driveway,” 15amen wrote, sharing an image of the neighbour’s vehicle park halfway across his drive.

So we blocked her in and called the tow truck.

Tiktok users backed 15amen’s move.

To the people saying petty. There is nothing petty about towing a car blocking your driveway. Petty was blocking the driveway,” uma pessoa escreveu.

Outro disse: “Y’all realize the towing companies wouldn’t tow if it wasn’t justifies.

Um terceiro adicionado: “If you’re mad about this it really says something about you.

I feel like blocking them in so they can’t leave could probably backfire on you. Maybe she could claim she tried to move it away but couldn’t,” shared a fourth.

It comes as a furious woman tipped rubbish all over the street after becoming embroiled in a petty parking row when her neighbours put out their bins to save spaces.

The resident, from Toledo, Ohio, took her frustrations out on the bins after being unable to leave her car outside her home.

Shocking footage captured the explosive feud between the neighbours, reaching boiling point in a tit-for-tat exchange.

Uma mulher, dressed in white shorts and a purple t-shirt, can be seen leaving her vehicle to move two bins blocking her parking spot.

Addressing her neighbours who are watching her struggle, ela diz: “We can’t ever park in front of this house because of y’alls trash cans!”

But the homeowners are not sympathetic and instead insist they have every right to leave their bins there.

The female tenant fumed: “You don’t have the right to park in front of your house! It’s a public street.

I could have seven cars parked on the street, it don’t f***ing matter.

With the backing of her husband, the neighbour then proceeds to return the bins to their original spot.

But the motorist’s plucky pal is lying in wait on the kerb ready to retaliateand wheels the bins out of the way again.

She tells the space-hogging homeowner: “I don’t know why you’re wasting your time.

The loyal friend then instructs the driver to park her car as she holds off the residentbefore the pair end up brawling over the bin.

Her husband gets involved and decides to knock over two bins behind the car to stop the woman from parking.

His bold move triggered an all-out garbage waras the woman’s pal knocks over the remaining bins, spilling waste all over the street.

She even tips the entire trash can upside down while littering its contents across the road, defiantly adding: “Fix that b**ch!”

The intense bin battle featured in an episode of A&E show ‘Neighbourhood Wars’.

According to the drama, the police were later called and they fined the faithful friend for dumping rubbish illegally.

Fed up with the woman, neighbours parked her in

Fed up with the woman, neighbours parked her inCrédito: TikTok/@15amen