Mira como 'Karen’ reserva espacio de estacionamiento parándose en él y se niega a moverse

A DRIVER has recorded the moment a woman reserved a car park space by standing in it, refusing to move.

The video was uploaded to Tik Tok por @crazynbeautifulmommy and has had thousands of views.

This woman was blocking a parking space and refused to move for a driver

This woman was blocking a parking space and refused to move for a driverCrédito: TikTok @crazynbeautifulmommy

El video, shot with a smartphone, shows the woman refusing to move from a parking space.

The title of the video reads: ‘Say hi, Karen’

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The video was uploaded to TikTok by a user who goes by the name Brooke Heather.

The woman asks the driver: “Where are you from? Are you from Australia?”

The driver answers her: “I am from Florida.

To which the woman replies: “Take a hike.

Viewers were shocked to see that a child was standing next to the woman in the parking space.

What a good example you are giving your grandson,” shouted the driver.

TikTok users have reacted to the video and most agree with the driver.

Uno dijo: “Just park and if she doesn’t move, then move her.

Otro dijo: “I would have gotten as close as possible and stayed there for however long it takes.

Pero, others agree with the woman in the space and think that the driver enjoyed having the argument too much.

Uno dijo: “En este punto, I am not really sure which one is the Karen.

Otro dijo: “I think the Karen is in the car!

Let her have the space.

Bust most users agree that they shouldn’t have argued in front of the children.

Uno dijo: ” That poor little boy OMG.

Otro: “You shouldn’t have an argument in front of the children.