Watch as neighbour parks car outside my house as soon as my dad leaves

A WOMAN has exposed her selfish “Karen” neighbour after she deliberately parked her car outside her home just moments after a space had been vacated.

Sharing a clip on TikTok, Lila shows how her neighbour had taken the action on purpose after the woman’s father had left the property.

The woman shared a clip of the neighbour's deliberate manoeuvre on TikTok

The woman shared a clip of the neighbour’s deliberate manoeuvre on TikTok信用: TikTok/@tiny.lila
She branded the move to park outside her home as deliberate and selfish

She branded the move to park outside her home as deliberate and selfish信用: TikTok/@tiny.lila

The TikTok user believes the petty resident was making a point after she had earlier parked in front of her house.

“I know y’all see her come out of her OWN driveway just to do that,” she wrote to her followers.

TikToker users quickly jumped to respond the clip as they slammed the motorist for her “miserable” actions.

“We need to see what happened after, this is so funny,” one wrote.

“She actually took time of her day just to that,” said another.

“What exactly does she get out of doing that besides wasting her own times and being a child,” a third penned.

A fourth pointed out: “The fact that she kept backing closer to the other car so that the driver will have trouble pulling off, so miserable.”

While a fifth concluded: “This is exactly what my does and all her driveway is empty. I don’t get why people do that.”

同时, another nasty neighbour has been branded as “selfish” after purposely reserving parking outside their house.

And another set of locals have had their cars smashed up and covered in spray paint in an apparent row over pavement parking.

加, a group of churchgoers are locked in a dispute with a neighbour over his Land Rover being parked on a footpath near where they worship.

They believes his actions have become adanger to pedestrians”.