Sehen Sie sich Xhakas rote Karte für den HORROR zweifüßigen Ausfallschritt an, während das chaotische Arsenal zusammenbricht

ARSENAL’S nightmare first-half against Manchester City was compounded by a red card for Granit Xhaka’s horror two-footed hack.

The midfielder launched in on Joao Cancelo with his side 2-0 down after 34 Protokoll.

Whether he got any of the ball or not was immaterial for referee Martin Atkinson, who deemed the challenge too reckless.

A straight red was dished out as the Etihad Stadium crowd called for Xhaka to go.

Arsenal fans, including presenter Piers Morgan, were quick to slam the Swiss player for leaving his team even more in the lurch.

Morgan wrote: “Xhaka is brain-dead. What a stupid reckless tackle.

Another Arsenal supporter commented online: “Red card or not I couldn’t care less why is Xhaka dumb enough to dive in like that with two feet?”

But Anthony tweeted: “He literally won the ball.

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