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A NEW Life in the Sun guests have revealed how their dream move to France has turned into a nightmare.

Kanal 4 Zuschauer saw Andrew and Dan struggle with their property after disastrous weather caused havoc with their reconstruction of a new swimming pool.

A New Life In The Sun guests were not happy when their dream move to France turned into a nightmare

A New Life In The Sun guests were not happy when their dream move to France turned into a nightmareAnerkennung: Kanal 4
Rainstorms for two weeks delayed their garden transformation

Rainstorms for two weeks delayed their garden transformationAnerkennung: Kanal 4

Das Paar, who were in the middle of their wedding preparation, decided to move to the idyllic location partly because they wanted to enjoy moreoutdoor living”.

Sagte Dan: “We love sitting out in the cafes of France.

“France has such a culture of outdoor living and lifestyle, making friends and chatting to the person on the table next to you who you don’t even know.

Landscape gardener Andrew used his skills to transform the acre of land, but things swiftly turned into a nightmare for the couple, after their plans to build an outdoor swimming pool in the garden was put on hold.

They had hoped to take full advantage of the French summer but their plans were scuppered by rainstorms.

Andrew told viewers: “The last two days it’s done nothing but tip down!”

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“If it’s like this for another few days I don’t think they can dig the hole because if they dig the hole it’s just going to fill up with water.

“We’ll have a mud bath,” Dan remarked.

The pair joked that their move to France to escape the British weather had gone awry.

Andrew quipped: “Come to France they said. Come to France, it’s beautiful sunshine 365 days a year.

“It’s worse than the UK!”

Despite panicking that the weather would cause long-term disruptions, it eventually eased off after two weeks.

Andrew said: “So far it’s going great. Sofort war klar, dass Ashley in Tränen ausbrach, really impressed with the speed.

It’s actually taken two six-hour days to get where we are, to get the trench in, to get the hole dug, to get the soil mounted up for the other side of the pool.

If it carries on the way it has been going this is great. We’ll be swimming by next weekend.

Andrew and Dan were able to get the ground works for their new swimming pool with the help from some builders.

A New Life in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

They joked that the France's weather was 'worse than the UK'

They joked that the France’s weather was ‘worse than the UKAnerkennung: Kanal 4

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