What celebsnaked mirror selfies really mean

MORE and more celebs are baring their bits and confidently sharing naked selfies on Instagrambut what are they trying to tell us?

The most recent star to shun clothes is model لوتي موس, who set pulses racing by posing totally naked in a raunchy mirror snap.

Lottie Moss is narcissistic according to Judi James

Lottie Moss is narcissistic according to Judi Jamesالإئتمان: الانستغرام

Lottie’s cheeky snap comes in the wake of similar sultry pics from Britney Spears, Madonna and Rita Ora.

So why do stars feeling the need to strip off? Here body language expert Judi James reveals the messages behind the power-poses.

Lottie Moss – ode to Narcissus

According to Judi, the rustic garden setting of Lottie Moss’ picture, and the way the pose is reflected in an oval antique mirror, suggests she is extremely self-centred.

She tells us: “Lottie is showing off her intellectual side via a pretentious homage to Narcissus himselfthe boy from Greek mythology who was so in love with his own beautiful image reflected in water that he gazed at it for the rest of his life, prompting the term narcissism.

ومع ذلك, Judi believes the 24-year-old model is going for a moretastefulimage than her typical OnlyFans glamour.

وتضيف: “This stab at a more classical artistic look, with her subtler front view part-concealed by shadows in the mirror hints that Lottie would like to be seen as the quality option and to distance herself from the traditional Page Three-style glamour posers.”

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مادونا – ‘confusedcrotch-and-crutch pose

Judi thinks Madonna was keen to shock with her selfie, but got it slightly wrong

Judi thinks Madonna was keen to shock with her selfie, but got it slightly wrongالإئتمان: انستغرام

Madonna certainly isn’t shy when it comes to sharing scantily-clad snaps on Instagram.

Judi says: “It’s as though مادونا is yelling several conflicting messages at us at once with this crotch-and-crutch pose,” pointing out the 63-year-old superstar’s “raunchy” tilted hat and “vulnerable” crutch.

وتضيف: “It’s like she’s trying to define her entire life to date in one make-up free pictureand she’s even set it in the kitchen to imply some sort of nurturing, domestic vibe, جدا.

“She’s clearly as keen to shock as she ever was, but now the celebrity nudie pic is a bit of a packed field she seems to have become confused in terms of her techniques and messaging.”

Rita Ora – showing off ‘status

Judi believes Rita Ora is trying to show off in her naked selfie.

Judi believes Rita Ora is trying to show off in her naked selfie.الإئتمان: انستغرام

Rita set pulses racing when she shared a naked selfie from a decadent-looking changing room.

Judi believes the Hot Right Now singer, 31, is trying to show off.

هي تقول: “This is a classy, ‘narrative’ pose with Rita playing peek-a-boo in a dressing room behind a trail of freshly-strewn designer clothes.

It’s a very teasing and personal-looking pose, more burlesque than stripper.

The status symbol carrier bags and shoes suggest someone keen to emphasise their high-maintenance credentials, showing off a desire to define their personal success to look above the crowd in terms of status.”

Daisy Loweassertive confidence

Daisy shared this mirror selfie from a bathroom yesterday

Daisy shared this mirror selfie from a bathroom yesterdayالإئتمان: الانستغرام

British fashion model Daisy, 32, gave fans a treat with a seductive mirror selfie هذا الاسبوع, posed in front of a mirror in a hotel bathroom.

Judi says there’s an emphasis onstrength and physical muscularityin her pose, with Daisy closing her eyes to suggest she’ssavouring the power of her own body”.

She points out her bared armpit, branding it “part Marilyn Monroe vintage glamour, part a show of assertive confidence as a pit-bare ritual”.

The floral bathroom adds to the vintage glam appeal but she’s made this look more like a secret, private moment that was intruded on, as though the photographer has crept up on her,” says Judi.

برتني سبيرز – people-pleaser

Britney has shared a string of naked snaps on Instagram in recent weeks

Britney has shared a string of naked snaps on Instagram in recent weeksالإئتمان: انستغرام

Since her 13-year الوصاية ended, برتني سبيرز has shared a string of naked and semi-naked snaps on social media.

According to Judi: “Britney calls this her freedom pose but in many ways she still looks like the people-pleaser she used to be, in the long white socks and white choker, plus the rather messy-looking background.

“The challenge or shock value of this pose looks rather passive, with her hands part-covering her boobs but an emoji in place over her naked crotch.”

Judi believes the 40-year-old singer was choosing to jump on “the A-list trend” of getting naked, and says her “meaningful facial expression” is very telling.

“It’s as though she’s gradually unfurling her free woman wings here, rather than truly flying,” she says.

Ashley Graham – ‘honest and accessible

Ashley Graham posed naked when she was pregnant

Ashley Graham posed naked when she was pregnantالإئتمان: انستغرام

اشلي جراهام celebrated her pregnancy body by regularly stripping off and sharing selfies of her burgeoning bump.

Judi says it worked for her as a way of “sharing the narrative of her current life experiences in as much detail as possible to appear honest, close and accessible to her fans”.

She adds of the 34-year-old model: “The way she’s covering her nipples with one arm suggests a residue of coyness, although everything else is shared in a way that suggests pride in what she clearly sees as her beautiful experience.

“The selfie pout clearly popped in too, but that might just have been habit.”

كارا ديليفين – ‘very Vogue

Cara shared this cheeky snap last year

Cara shared this cheeky snap last yearالإئتمان: انستغرام

“This is such a smart pose as it reminds us that كارا ديليفين is one of the most beautiful women of her generation,” says Judi of the 29-year-old model’s nude snap.

وتضيف: “Naked she might be, but it’s the face that is the star of this photo and when an A-lister’s face upstages from their nudity in an ‘Oh yes, and she hadn’t got any clothes on’ afterthought, it makes her beauty iconic.

“Very Vogue, very tasteful.”

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