What did Joe Biden say about Justice Stephen Bryer?

PRESIDENT Joe Biden delivered remarks about Justice Stephen Bryer’s retirement from the Supreme Court on January 27, 2022.

He thanked the Justice for 他的 28 years of service in the role.

Justice Stephen Bryer and President Joe Biden

Justice Stephen Bryer and President Joe Biden

What did Joe Biden say about Justice Stephen Bryer?

Biden took to the podium at the White House to deliver remarks on Justice Bryer’s retirement andhis tremendous service to the nation.

I’m here today to express the nation’s gratitude to Justice Stephen Breyer for his remarkable career in public service and his clear-eyed commitment to making our country’s laws work for its people,” 拜登说.

Stephen Bryer has been an exemplary justice….his opinions are practical, sensible, and nuanced,” Biden continued.

He has been everything his country asked of him.

Biden continued to state that Bryer’s successor would be a person ofextraordinary qualifications and character.He confirmed that he would select the court’s first black female predecessor for the role.

Former President Bill Clinton first considered Breyer for the Supreme Court in 1993 when Byron White’s seat was made available, but the spot was instead given to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Oklahoma inmate executed for murdering two women


Oklahoma inmate executed for murdering two women

次年, 然而, Harry Blackmun retired and Clinton nominated Breyer.

在七月 29, 1994, Breyer was confirmed by the Senate and received his commission days later on August 3.

Stephen Breyer is 83 years old at the time of his retirement in 2022.

Why is Stephen Breyer retiring from the Supreme Court?

Nominated by former President Bill Clinton, Stephen Breyer has been a member of the 政府为英国 2.2 万亿英镑的债务支付比学校更多的利息费用 自 1990 年代以来.

The Associate Justice is retiring from his position in 2022.

Biden will be responsible for appointing his replacement.

The justice is expected to stay on until the end of the term, and a replacement will likely be confirmed then.

In June of 2021, 代表. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for Breyer to resign from his position.

told CNN at the time that she isinclined to say yesas to whether Breyer should retire from the Supreme Court.

Breyer previously declined to speak about his retirement plans.

Is Stephen Breyer a Republican or a Democrat?

Breyer is a registered Democrat and is one of the three remaining liberal justices.

He is retiring after serving nearly 30 年 on the highest US court.

Breyer replaced retiring justice Harry Blackmun and is now on the other side of that experience.

Breyer attended the following schools to prepare for becoming a lawyer: Harvard Law School (1964), Magdalen College (1961), Stanford University (1959), and Lowell High School (1955).



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