O que Pen Farthing disse na mensagem de voz vazada?

PEN Farthing has been forced to apologise following an expletive laden voicemail which has been leaked.

The call was made prior to the 50-year-old ex-Royal Marine’s evacuation from Kabul Airport, Afghanistan on August 27.

Pen Farthing was forced to apologise for his rant at a Government aide

Pen Farthing was forced to apologise for his rant at a Government aideCrédito: PA

O que Pen Farthing disse na mensagem de voz vazada?

The Sunday Times said it had obtained a recording of Mr Farthing’s rant at a government aide accusing him of “bloqueio” efforts to evacuate him and his animals from Kabul.

He said that if he did not receive permission to reach the airfield and paperwork saying his staff had been approved, he would “spend the rest of my time f***ing destroying you on social media and every other f***ing platform I can find”.

Ele disse: “So here’s the deal, buddy. You either get me that f***ing Isaf number and you get me permission to get onto that f***ing airfield, or tomorrow morning I’m going to turn on you and the whole f***ing country, and everybody else who’s invested in this rescue, is going to know it’s you — YOU — blocking this f***ing move. Bem?”

Did Pen Farthing apologise?

Na segunda-feira (agosto 30) Pen Fathing made a public apology on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Ele disse: “I’m incredibly embarrassed about my language, I do apologise to everybody who’s listened to that.

I was at the lowest point I could possibly be.

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I understand how the world works but emotions got the better of me, so for all those who had to listen to that I do apologise for my language.

I should not have said it like that, but the sentiment, sim, I was just incredibly upset, nervoso, frustrated, it was the lowest point.

I had no other option, I didn’t know what else to do.

So that’s why you’ve probably heard some colourful language.

The Ex-Royal Marine said he was 'incredibly embarrassed'

The Ex-Royal Marine said he was ‘incredibly embarrassedCrédito: PA

How did Pen Farthing flee Afghanistan?

On Friday night (agosto 27), Farthing, 57, was finally admitted in to Kabul airport with his rescue dogs and cats for a stressful evacuation.

Hours later the plane chartered took offfirst flying to Tashkent, Uzbequistão, and then on to the UK.

Na sexta, a Ministry of Defence tweetou: “Pen Farthing and his pets were assisted through the system at Kabul airport by the UK armed forces.

They are currently being supported while he awaits transportation.

On the direction of the Defence Secretary, clearance for their charter flight has been sponsored by the UK Government.

But they were then banned from crossing a line into the military controlled area.

Pen said: “It was surreal to see British and Taliban side-by-side.

It took about half an hour for the Taliban to release and we drove to the British side.

“The driver had to get out at the crossing point and a British para took over the driving.

“The soldiers have been really helpful.

They have put me in a warehouse and they have been really helpful loading and unloading the crates.”

It was later confirmed that Farthing had landed back at Heathrow Airport on Sunday morning (agosto 29).

The ex-Royal Marine then immediately boarded a connecting flight to Norway to visit his wife Kaisa Markhus.

Pen Farthing apologises for the language he used in leaked voicemail message