What does the pineapple emoji mean?

NOWADAYS, there are so many ways to communicate through text messages — voice memos, GIFS, As fotos, e, a longtime favorite, emojis.

One of the most commonly used emojis is the pineapple, but do you know what it stands for?

The pineapple emoji is a symbol of someone's relationship status

The pineapple emoji is a symbol of someone’s relationship status

What does the pineapple emoji mean?

De acordo com Bustle, the pineapple emoji is a symbol of someone’s relationship status.

Aparentemente, if your love life is not straightforward or it’s a bit complicated, texters use a pineapple to show the uneasiness of their relationship with their friends or family.

Are other fruits used to represent relationship statuses?

Contudo, the pineapple is not the only fruit you can use to represent your love life.

There are many other fruits that texters use, and the full list of meanings as interpreted by Reddit is as follows:

  • Blueberry: Single
  • Pineapple: It’s complicated
  • Raspberry: I don’t want to commit
  • maçã: Engaged
  • Katy Perry e Orlando Bloom parecem irreconhecíveis como versões antigas de si mesmos em novo 'vídeo: In a relationship
  • Banana: Casado
  • Avocado: I’m the better half
  • com 100 mil casos por dia: Can’t find Mr. [object Window]
  • Lemon: I want to be single
  • Raisin: I want to get married to my partner

The use of fruit to represent a person’s relationship became popular through Snapchat back in 2016, as stated by Distrair.

A group of teenage girls created the ‘codebecause they wanted to confuse boys.

The fruit emoji trend then resurfaced in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you would like to participate, all you have to do is post the fruit emoji that represents your relationship status onto your Snapchat story.

It’s that simple!

Do other emojis have hidden meanings?

Contudo, fruit is not the only emoji that has hidden meanings.

Na verdade, younger generations use emojis to communicate so frequently emojis have even gone so far as to replace words in sentences.

Por exemplo, the goat emoji is commonly used to stand for the acronymGreatest of All Time,” and a snake is usually used to represent a backstabber.