A チクタク video of a floppy, now-deceased pug brought a new trend with it – 骨のある日または骨のない日.

Noodles passed away on December 2, 2022

Noodles passed away on December 2, 2022クレジット: TikTok/jongraz


Bones day became a popular trend on TikTok in October 2021.

TikToker Jonathan Graziano became famous for posting videos of his floppy pug, 麺, 朝のベッドで.

Noodle was held up by Graziano over his dog bed in a standing position. Graziano then removed his hands.

The videos were reminiscent of groundhog day: 麺が自立した場合, それは “骨の日”. ヌードルがフロップダウンした場合, それは “骨のない日”.


Since the videos of Noodle and Graziano became popular, it became a trend on TikTok to either have a “骨の日” または “骨のない日”.

When Noodle floped down, and it was a no-bones day, TikTokers associated that with going back to bed and cancelling their plans.

On days when Noodle remained standing – 骨の日 – that meant it was time to seize the day, 出て行け, and make plans.

Many users made parody videos or memes about Noodle, and the hashtag #nobones had over 25million views on TikTok.

The videos included scenarios like showing up late to work – 骨のない日. あるユーザーは、骨の折れる日に求人を取得することについてコメントしました.

Graziano noted that no-bones days are not a bad thing, でもリラックスする言い訳.

Noodle the pug having a "no-bones" day on TikTok

Noodle the pug having ano-bonesday on TikTokクレジット: @jongraz/tiktok

Who was Noodle the pug?

グラツィアーノが採用したヌードルパグ 2016.

グラツィアーノは彼が7歳半のときに彼を養子にしました, 麺の世話ができなくなったオーナーから.

The pug had an Instagram, @showmenoodz, which had over 47K followers.

しかしながら, Noodle passed away on December 2, 2022, 歳の時に 14.

Graziano paid tribute to his beloved pet on December 3, 2022, in a video 言って: “I’m so sorry to have to share this, but Noddle passed yesterday. He was at home. He was in my arms, and this is incredibly sad.

It’s incredibly difficult.

It’s a day that I always knew was coming but never thought would arrive, and although this is very sad, I wanted to let you know and I wanted to encourage you to celebrate him while we’re navigating this sadness.

Graziano added: “He lived 14 and a half years which is about as long as you can hope a dog can, and he made millions of people happy.

What a run. Thank you for loving him. Thank you for embracing us and giving your dog a cheese ball tonight but it has to be the fake stuff.