BBC One の Celebrity MasterChef は何時ですか?

CELEBRITY MasterChef is back for another year, and is proving to be a big hit with viewers

ザ・ 17th edition of the show has an incredible line-up, and here’s when you can catch the next episode.

セレブリティマスターシェフは何時ですか 2022 BBC Oneで?

セレブリティマスターシェフ is back on TONIGHT (8月 18, 2021) 午後9時.

The show will air for one hour on BBC One until 10pm.

The series kicked off on back on August 10, 2022, and is set to run until September 2022.

Any episodes missed can be watched on the iPlayer, where you will also find past series’ ショーの.

セレブリティマスターシェフ 2022 airs on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

セレブリティマスターシェフ 2022 airs on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridaysクレジット: BBC

What day is Celebrity MasterChef on BBC1?

セレブリティマスターシェフ 2022 airs three times a week on BBC One.

It begins with four weeks of heats featuring five different celebs.

The first two episodes air at 8pm where the famous five are whittled down to three, who then do battle in the quarter finals.

The quarters air on Fridays at 9pm, with one more celeb eliminated, and just two making it through to the semis.


いつものように, the contestants are faced with the daunting task of impressing the duo of John Torode そして グレッグウォレス.

それが十分に難しくなかった場合, successful chefs also regularly appear as guest judges throughout the series.

British actress India Fisher continues her role as narrator on the show.