Quello che sappiamo della moglie di Gregg Wallace, Anne-Marie Sterpini

MASTERCHEF supremo Gregg Wallace has been divorced three times, but is now happily married to his fourth wife.

When he’s not busy taking over the world of MasterChef, Gregg enjoys a cosy homelife with Anne-Marie Sterpini.

Who is Gregg Wallace’s wife Anne-Marie Sterpini?

Anne-Marie is a caterer who first made contact with Gregg online to discuss ingredients.

It happened after she tweeted the former greengrocer to ask if rhubarb really went with duck, after seeing him trying the recipe on a cooking TV show.

Gregg told HELLO! Rivista: “I just looked at Anna’s photo and thought, 'Wow, she’s pretty’. So yes, rhubarb, which was considered an aphrodisiac in medieval times, brought us together.

According to her husband, Anne-Marie loves reading history books and Winnie the Poohand the couple are keen to start a family.

 Gregg Wallace with his wife Anne-Marie

Gregg Wallace with his wife Anne-MarieCredito: Caratteristiche di Rex

When did Gregg Wallace and Anne-Marie get married?

Anna first spoke to her husband, chi è 21 anni più di lei, nel 2013 – but initially wasn’t sure if he was the real deal.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Gregg said: “I sent her a message and we started sending messages. Then I sent her my phone number, this was five years ago.

“She came down to London to have dinner with me, and she said it wasn’t until we got to the restaurant, that she was comfortable it was really me and not an impostor.”

Ha aggiunto: “I think it’s just luck, and I got very lucky this time. Very lucky.”

Gregg admitted he was worried about the age gap, but said it never seemed to bother Anne-Marie, chi è 21 anni più giovane di lui.

But Gregg said he sometimes felt uncomfortable when people saw him holding Anne-Marie’s hand.

Lui ha spiegato: “People look at you anyway and I felt really conscious because she was younger, and I didn’t want people to judge her harshly. It was doing the ordinary things.”

The couple got engaged in dicembre 2014 e tied the knot at Hever Castle in Kent, in agosto 6, 2016 – with fellow MasterChef judge John Torode as Gregg’s best man.

John’s girlfriend Lisa Faulkner and MasterChef: The Professionals judges Marcus Wareing and Monica Galetti also attended.

How many children does Gregg Wallace have?

Gregg has three kids from two of his marriages.

He had two childrenTom and Libbywith his second wife Denise.

poi in 2019 he welcomed a baby boy called Sid with Anne-Marie.