What you need to know about Denise Lewis’ husband Steve Finan O’Connor

IT’S FAIR to say that Denise Lewis’ husband Steve Finan O’Connor knows how to handle the spotlight.

As the son of a comedian, husband of an athlete, and also being the former manager of All Saints, he has never been far away from celebrities.

 Denise Lewis and husband Steve Finan O'Connor first met back in 2000

Denise Lewis and husband Steve Finan O’Connor first met back in 2000Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Who is Steve Finan O’Connor?

Steve Finan O’Connor is the son of the legendary late comedian and game show host Tom O’Connor, who sadly passed away in July 2021 at the age of 81.

Steve used to be the manager of Neneh Cherry, Madness and All Saints, but now works as a property developer.

However, he still retains high profile music clients – such as One Direction Star Liam Payne. 

Steve married athlete Denise Lewis in 2006 and the couple live together in Buckinghamshire.

How did Denise and Steve meet?

The couple met back in 2000 through mutual friends at the Brit Awards.

Although they didn’t get together straight away, as Denise was still married to her first husband Patrick Stevens.

But love blossomed when they met again, as Denise told the Mirror back in 2006: “I was still with Patrick when I first met Steve, then we met again more recently and it was sort of love at second sight.”

Do the couple have any children?

The couple share three sons, Ryan, Kane, and Troy.

Both also have children from previous relationship as Steve has a son called Joe while Denise has a daughter called Lauren.

Speaking to The Sun prior to the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the former athlete suggested that the coping strategies she learned through her sport helped her deal with late motherhood after the birth of her third son in 2018.

She said: “Obviously I was well out of practice. I was wondering how I’d cope.

“But, because I was so overjoyed about having Troy, I decided that this is what I chose and it’s not going to break me.

“It’s that coping strategy that I’ve adopted for myself.”

She also added that when Troy arrived, Steve  was “shipped out” to the spare room while Denise went it alone with the night feeds.