Cosa devi sapere sull'utilizzo del bluetooth in aereo

TECHNOLOGY is constantly evolving and changing to fit our modern requirements.

Many passengers use devices that require a Bluetooth connection like wireless keyboards and headphonesso what are the rules around using it on a plane? Ecco tutto quello che devi sapere.

Can you use bluetooth on a plane?

Quando un volo is preparing to take off, passengers will be asked to put their devices into flight mode.

This prevents your phone from transmitting wireless signals.

For many years passengers were told it could interfere with the communications systems on the plane.

A flight attended explained the reason passengers are expected to turn on flight mode on their devices in un Tic toc video.

Most planes these days are fit with in-flight WiFi

Most planes these days are fit with in-flight WiFiCredito: Getty

Devices such as wireless headphones and keyboards tend to use short-range Bluetooth connections and therefore are safe to use on most flights.

But every airline is different, allowing Bluetooth enabled devices at different stages of the flight.

Some may allow Bluetooth from the moment you step on the flight until the moment you touch down, others such as British Airways may only allow the use of Bluetooth during the flight, but during taxi, take off and touchdown passengers must switch it off.

It’s important to follow the rules set by your specific airline or there could be dangerous consequences.

Can I use AirPods on a plane?

A lot of phones these days are built without a headphone jack, meaning you have to use an adapter or go wireless.

AirPods are wireless earphones that are designed specifically to work with Mela devices such as iPhones and iPads, or even an Apple TV.

As they use a Bluetooth connection they can be used on most other computers or smartphones.

Many passengers will worry if their AirPods will work during a flight, but the good news isthey will!

On a single charge, AirPods can last up to five hours, plugging them into the charging case can give you more than three more hours listening time.

Can you use bluetooth in Airplane Mode?

Enabling airplane mode automatically disables Bluetooth and WiFi services.

Ma, its still possible to turn Bluetooth on separately once you’ve enabled flight mode.

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You are still required to switch your phone to airplane mode however, as cell data still posses a risk during an active flight.

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