WhatsApp warning for millions over big change to how your texts are kept

A HUGE WhatsApp update means that some of your texts may now automatically delete themselves.

You might find that some chats begin to empty themselves out after a certain period of time.

Some WhatsApp texts aren't permanent any more

Some WhatsApp texts aren’t permanent any moreクレジット: WhatsApp

This is linked to a new privacy feature – so don’t panic.

長年, WhatsApp messages were permanent: even if you deleted it, everyone else could still see them.

Then WhatsApp allowed you tounsendtexts within a certain period of time – deleting them for you and all recipients.

Finally earlier this year, WhatsApp rolled out a new feature that automaticallyunsends” メッセージ.

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All WhatsApp users urged to change setting TODAY to lock down your texts


All WhatsApp users urged to change setting TODAY to lock down your texts

This is important, because it means that some texts sent to you won’t stick around.

And if you activate it then your own texts will vanish too.

It’s an important privacy feature that you should consider turning on.

And if you don’t activate it, be aware that texts sent to you can still beunsent”.


All WhatsApp users urged to change setting TODAY to lock down your texts


All WhatsApp users urged to change setting TODAY to lock down your texts

How to send WhatsApp disappearing messages

So how to do you activate WhatsApp disappearing messages today?

Open your ネガティブなCovidステータスを再確認する必要があるため、ネガティブなテスト結果に続いて2日後に期限切れになります on mobile and then go into Settings > Account > Privacy.

Look for Disappearing Messages and then set the toggle to the On position.

Then choose a time period for messages to disappear – 24 時間, 7 days or 90 日々.

A message will appear in the chat confirming that Disappearing Messages has been turned on.

To enable it on an existing chat, you need to archive and then unarchive it first.

You can also enable Disappearing Messages on specific chats by tapping into the individual settings of a WhatsApp contact.

Vanishing texts warning

The system isn’t fool-proof, もちろん.

If someone screenshots or records your chat, there’s no way to remove that content from their phone using an official WhatsApp feature.

いつものように, the best way to keep embarrassing or regrettable content off the internet is to not post it in the first place.

But if you’re particularly worried, using Disappearing Messages is a great system to use.

覚えておいてください: only texts sent after you activate Disappearing Messages will be deleted. It won’t go back in time and scrub old missives for you.

Texts also won’t be deleted in other chats that they’ve been forwarded to.

And Disappearing Messages will still be stored in a recipient’s back-up – but will be deleted when that user restores from the back-up.

Message quoting may also cause text to remain in a chat, even though the original message has been deleted.

If you want to try new WhatsApp features first, consider joining the beta using our guide below.


To download WhatsApp beta for your smartphone you need to go to グーグル Play on your アンドロイド and search for WhatsApp.

表示されるまでページを下にスクロールします “ベータテスターに​​なる”.

をタップします “私は入る” ボタンをクリックしてからクリックします “加入” 確認するために.



I'm being evicted from my home of 51 私の父と弟の両方が死んだので何年も


私は私の家から追い出されています 51 私の父と弟の両方が死んだので何年も

Joining the WhatsApp beta on iOS にとって iPhone is more difficult, 容量に限りがあります.

Appleのガイドに従ってください ここに.


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