IT is 1963, Berlin is newly-partitioned, and British army sergeant Harry Palmer finds himself on the wrong side of the law, but a man from British Intelligence has a proposition for him.

The ITV drama The Ipcress File 主演 ピーキーブラインダーJoe Cole, is based on the spy novel by Len Deighton.

First look at Joe Cole as army sergeant Harry Palmers

First look at Joe Cole as army sergeant Harry Palmersクレジット: ITV


There is currently no official release for The Ipcress File ITVで.

Filming began in early 2021 in Liverpool and Croatia and according to Bustle, ITV estimate a winter 2022 release date for the series.

Howver first look photos of Joe Cole as army sergeant Harry Palmer have been revealed.

What will happen in The Ipcress File on ITV?

The Ipcress File is set in Berlin and London in the 1960s and centres around British army sergeant Harry Palmer.

ハリー (Joe Cole) finds himself in Berlin shortly after the border between East and West Germany was closed and The Berlin Wall was built.

He starts working as retailer, wholesaler, fixer and smuggler, but the law cataches up with him and he is sentenced to eight years in English military jail.

しかしながら, a man from British Intelligence offers him a prposal to avoid prison.

The proposal is that Harry will become a spy, and his first case will be The Ipcress File, a dangerous undercover mission that will take him across the world.

The ITV drama is based on the spy book by Len Deighton

The ITV drama is based on the spy book by Len Deightonクレジット: アラミー

Who will star in the Ipcress File on ITV?

Joe Cole of ピーキーブラインダー そして Gangs of London is to star in the ITV drama The Ipcress File.

Cole posted a behind-the-scenes photo of The Ipcress File director’s board in June 2021.

Bohemian RhapsodyLucy Boynton will also feature in the drama as Jean Courtney, Harry’s assistant and love interest.

Tom Hollander, known for his many major roles including The Night Manager, About Time and Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few, will play Major Dalby.

The cast list also includes Ashley Thomas as Maddox, Joshua James as Chico, David Dencik as Colonel Stok and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Cathcart.