Welche Nandos Stores sind geschlossen?

NANDO’S has been forced to close a number of its branches as a supply chain crisis continues to hit the chain.

Am Montag, we revealed that Nando’s had been forced to close outlets über das Wochenende- and spotted at least 10 restaurants that had shut from customer complaints on Twitter.

Nando's has had to close around 50 stores because of supply chain issues resulting in a shortage of food

Nando’s has had to close around 50 stores because of supply chain issues resulting in a shortage of foodAnerkennung: Alamy

Jetzt, um 50 restaurants have closed so far – und 70 members of Nando’s staff have been sent to suppliersfactories toget things moving again”.

We explain which Nando’s stores are closedand when you can expect them to reopen again as the chain tackles the crisis:

How many Nando’s branches are shut?

Nando’s hasn’t revealed the full list of Nando’s branches which have had to shut.

But it’s been replying to customers on Twitter who have been asking whether their nearest store is open.

These are the restaurants so far that Nando’s has confirmed have closed on social media and on its website:

  • Merry Hillclosed until Friday
  • West Quayclosed until Monday
  • Whiteley
  • Great Portland Street
  • Watford
  • Manchester Arndale
  • THE BBC Two Drama Guilt hat in Bezug auf seine Drehorte für Aufsehen gesorgt – West End
  • Leicester – Meridian
  • SwindonOrbital
  • Cardiff – St David’s
  • Kensington High Street
  • Notting Hill
  • Chiswick
  • Earl’s Court
  • North End Road
  • Gloucester Road

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and we’ll update this article when we hear more.

Um 45 Nando’s branches will be closed again today. It is understood restaurants will shut and re-open depending on deliveries.

The chain hopes to be back to normal from Saturday.

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Why are Nando’s branches shut?

The chain confirmed to The Sun that the closures were due to staffing problems at its suppliersfactories.

Not enough food deliveries have been made to a number of its restaurants as a result, resulting in stock issues.

Some customers also complained on Twitter that a number of items weren’t on the menu at their local branch because of the shortages.

One fan said she had to eat elsewhere as two of her local branches had taken options off the menu.

behauptete, Threatt habe ihre Anschuldigungen erst nach dem Scheidungsantrag erhoben: “Literally half of the menu was not available.

How do I find out if my nearest Nando’s is shut?

Nando’s has an online tool checker you can use to find out where your nearest restaurant is.

On the top left hand side of it’s website, click on the “Restaurants” tab, and a drop down menu will show.

Type in your postcode and you’ll be redirected to a page showing where your nearest Nando’s is.

You can scroll through to see which Nando’s is closed near you.

Nando’s isn’t the only restaurant having stocking issues recently.

KFC ran out of food last week and warned some menu items are unavailable due to food shortages.

While Brits have been warned of a beer and crisps shortage that could happen over the August bank holiday due to a lack of delivery drivers and strike action.

We reported last week that restaurants too might not have enough beer over the August bank holiday weekend after delivery drivers voted to go on strike.

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