Qui sont les 2022 Subway commercial actors?

SUBWAY Restaurants first opened its doors in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The latest Subway commercials feature several professional athletes across various sports, from gymnastics to NASCAR.

Derek Jeter appeared in a Subway commercial in May of 2022

Derek Jeter appeared in a Subway commercial in May of 2022

Qui sont les 2022 Subway commercial actors?

Steph Curry

Born on March 14, 1988, Stephen Curry is a professional basketball player with the Golden State Warriors.

Curry joined the league in 2009 as the seventh overall pick in the NBA Draft.

À 34 ans, Curry is a three-time NBA champion.

He began appearing in Subway commercials in 2021 and remains an active member of their Eat Fresh Refresh campaign.

Kevin Harvick

Né en décembre 8, 1975, Kevin Harvick is a racecar driver competing in NASCAR.

A member of Stewart-Haas Racing, Harvick drives car number four, a Ford Mustang.

As a cardboard cutout, the award-winning California native appears in a Subway commercial released on April 9, 2022.

His sandwich of choice is known as Kevin’s Full Throttle Ham, which features thin-sliced Black Forest ham, bacon, pepper jack cheese, salade, tomate, and yellow mustard on fresh-baked Artisan Italian.

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Simon Biles

Gold medalist Simone Bilès appeared in her first Subway commercial on February 7, 2022, with Steph Curry.

She again stars in an advertisement for theirperfect ten” sandwich, the Subway Club.

The decadent snack features oven-roasted turkey, Black Forest ham, and Angus roast beef alongside fresh veggies on Hearty Multigrain Bread.

Simone, one of the most decorated acrobats in history, tied with Shannon Miller for the most Olympic medals won by a gymnast.

Marshawn Lynch

En janvier 13, 2022, Subway released a commercial featuring NFL star Marshawn Lynch as their spokesperson.

Aside from his football career, Marshawn is known to grace television screens in various cameos.

He first appeared in The League in 2014, followed by another episode the following year.

Marshawn has also starred in Running Wild with Bear Grylls (2016), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2017), Westworld (2020), Bar Rescue (2020), et Murderville (2022).

Jimmy Garoppolo

Known as the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo appears in multiple 2022 Subway commercials.

The athlete is seen as the face ofRefresh Italiano” – new Italian-style sandwiches including the Mozza Meat, the Benissimo, and the Supreme Meats.

Subway’s Mozza Meat includes capicola, Black Forest ham, fresh mozzarella, spinach, tomates, red onions, banana peppers, and parmesan vinaigrette on Artisan Italian bread.

The Benissimo features rotisserie chicken, pepperoni, provolone cheese, spinach, tomates, and peppercorn ranch on Italian Herbs and Cheese bread.

For those willing to go big, the Supreme Meats includes four different kinds of porkcapicola, pepperoni, Genoa salami, and Black Forest hamon Italian bread with provolone cheese, salade, tomates, red onions, banana peppers, and parmesan vinaigrette.

Simone Biles is an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics

Simone Biles is an Olympic gold medalist in gymnasticsCrédit: Getty Images – Getty

Other appearances

Baseball legend Derek Jeter and NFL all-star Rob Gronkowski appeared in a Subway commercial shared by various social media accounts in May of 2022.

The commercial is not currently available to watch Subway’s social media accounts or YouTube channel.

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One user shared the advertisement sur Twitter, l'écriture: “So Derek Jeter is the new face of [Subway]? Love to see it.

Another user a écrit: “What the hell is Jeter doing in a subway commercial.

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