Who are the members of Fleetwood Mac and when did Christine McVie join the band?

AFTER hitting the airwaves in the 1970s, the members of Fleetwood Mac went on to become music industry icons.

The band consisted of Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham, and John McVie.

Fleetwood Mac from left to right: Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, the late Christine McVie, and John McVie

Fleetwood Mac from left to right: Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, the late Christine McVie, and John McVieAnerkennung: Getty

Who are the members of Fleetwood Mac?

Fleetwood Mac’s original lineup included Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and John McVie.

Im Juli 1967, the band was formed by the late Peter Green, Mick, and John in London.

Prior to the group’s formation, Fleetwood’s founding members Peter, Mick, and John were a part of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers.

When they left the Bluesbreakers, Fleetwood was born as a result.

Regarding the band’s formative years, Mick recalled to LOUDER: “A lot of people always thought there was some plot in the ranks of the Bluesbreakers because three out of the four people that formed Fleetwood Mac – Johnny Mac, mich, and Peter – came out of that line-up.

Everyone very often thinks that we planned to dump John Mayall and form this band. Absolutely not true.

We had no idea. I went. Shortly after that, Peter got a hair up his rear end about wanting to move on, and he left.

The musician added: “That’s when he formed the beginnings of Fleetwood Mac with me.

Then we wanted John McVie to joinbut it was not a plot at all.

“Eigentlich, Peter had no intention of doing anything at all before he approached me.

Im Mai 20, 1970, Peter departed Fleetwood Mac and performed his last concert with the group that day.

Im Dezember 31, 1974, the collective was completed when Mick asked Lindsey and Stevie to join the lineup.

Before Christine's death, Fleetwood Mac split and reunited several times

Before Christine’s death, Fleetwood Mac split and reunited several timesAnerkennung: AP

The roster of Mich, John, Lindsey, Stevie, and Christine is the roster familiar to audiences today.

Among their fans, this iteration is commonly referred to as the Rumours lineup of Fleetwood.

When did Christine McVie join the band?

Im Mai 1969, Christine Perfect, who fans know as Christine McVie, became a member of Fleetwood Mac.

She was recruited a year before John Green’s departure and five years before Stevie and Lindsey came aboard the group.

In reflection of the band’s early era, the late Christine revealed to Rollender Stein: “Even though I am quite a peaceful person, I did enjoy that storm.

Although it’s said that we fought a lot, we actually did spend a lot of our time laughing. So, that must have been forgotten.

I was supposedly like the Mother Teresa who would hang out with everybody or just try and [keep] everything nice and cool and relaxed.

She remembered: “But they were great people, they were great friends.

I was always happy with Stevie and Lindsey and loved what they brought to the table musically. I loved working with them.

Mick and John and Stevie and I all got on well, contrary to public opinion.

When did Fleetwood split?

Following the conclusion of their 1982 tour Mirage Tour, Fleetwood took a hiatus to focus on solo endeavors.

In early 1987, the five members reunited for their fourteenth studio album Tango in the Night.

Im August 8, 1987, Lindsey left the group after an altercation with Stevie at Christine’s house.

Besides a reunion performance at Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Ball on January 19, 1993, the five musicians did not come together again for a number of years.

März 1997, Lindsey, Christine, Stevie, Mick, and John officially reformed Fleetwood Mac.

Im 1998, this particular lineup disbanded again when Christine left the band.

Im September 2013, the Rumours lineup reconvened when Christine rejoined.

Prior to Christine’s death on November 30, 2022, the Rumours lineup toured an additional two times and their last concert tour ended in 2019.