Quién muere en Vecinos esta semana?

LIVES are left hanging by a thread in Neighbours after a storm ravaged Kyle and Roxy’s big day.

While everyone was brimming with excitement for the pair’s wedding, viewers had to come to terms with one character meeting an ugly fate. Find out who.

Roxy and Kyle's wedding took a tragic turn

Roxy and Kyle’s wedding took a tragic turnCrédito: Canal 5

Quién muere en Vecinos esta semana?

Two weeks into January, 2022, and death has already stricken Erinsborough.

In a new episode aired on Channel 5 on yesterday, Roxy Willis and Kyle Canning (played by Zima Anderson and Chris Milligan) got married.

no hace falta decir que, Kyle had enough hurdles to jump through as he was determined to make Roxy his wife despite her trying to call it off.

But in his eagerness to tie the knot, Kyle neglected all warnings that a storm was about to hit the borough.

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With the newlyweds and their guests celebrating the union, everyone ignored what was brewing, much to their detriment.

The flimsy Flamingo bar, where everyone had decided to party the night away, was nothing compared to the storm and was quickly left in ruins.

And with a single lightning strike, one character met their demise.

Ahead of the episode, new images had been released revealing that two characters are to be left badly hurt from the catastrophe.

Both Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Britney (Montana Cox) are bloodied and unconscious under the rubble, but who is making it to the end of the week?

Death has come to the Tanaka household: Britney’s was tragically cut short, leaving her boyfriend Leo (Tim Kano) to be a single father to their daughter Abigail.

But what happened to Paul?

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Neighbours star was planning kids with childhood sweetheart before death


Neighbours star was planning kids with childhood sweetheart before death

What happens to Paul Robinson?

With a troubled start to 2022, saving his estranged wife Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) from falling off the roof of the Lassiters Hotel and coping with the return of his brother Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett), algunos Vecinos viewers may have believed that the end was near for Paul.

Following the dreadful events of the nuptials, Terese saw her husband unconscious in the wreckage while Leo was trying to help his gravely injured other half.

A devastated Terese contemplates the worst as she tries to wake her husband up, claiming they can work on their marriage.

Although he is part of the casualties, the iconic character was spared.

Today’s instalment of the Australian soap (due to air on Channel 5 a 1:45pm) will feature a surprise time jump as Ramsay Street residents gather for a memorial to pay their respects to Britney.

But her identity will only be revealed as the memorial begins, while Paul is left fighting for his life.

How will cope in the aftermath of the storm?

There were two casualties in the Flamingo Bar rubble

There were two casualties in the Flamingo Bar rubbleCrédito: Canal 5
Only one makes it out alive

Only one makes it out aliveCrédito: Canal 5

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