Who is Carol Kirkwood’s ex-husband Jimmy and why did they split up?

WEATHER presenter Carol Kirkwood showed off her new engagement ring while live at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Carol smiled as she shared her big engagement news but this is not her first engagement.

Carol was married for 18 years before her divorce in 2008

Carol was married for 18 years before her divorce in 2008Crédit: BBC

Who is Carol Kirkwood’s ex-husband?

Carol MacKelliag, from Inverness-shire, married Jimmy Kirkwood in the 1990s, while in her early days at the BBC.

Jimmy is best known as a cricket player from Northern Ireland.

He was born on February 12, 1962, in Lisburn.

As well as cricket, Jimmy played hockey representing both Ireland and Great Britain in the sport.


'Thrilled' Carol Kirkwood flashes ring & confirms she's getting married


‘ThrilledCarol Kirkwood flashes ring & confirms she’s getting married

He played field hockey for Great Britain in the Summer Olympics 1988, when the team won gold.

Why did the pair split up?

Carol is very private about her love life so the exact reason for the split is unknown.

The pair were together for 18 years before getting a divorce in 2008.

Elle a dit au Soleil: “I was married for a long time and I got married quite young so it’s nice doing things I have the freedom to do now.

In her book, Under the Greek Moon, Carol admitted the divorce was “choquant” à elle.


Who is Carol Kirkwood's fiancé?


Who is Carol Kirkwood’s fiancé?

She shared how she would break down in tears behind the scenes on Petit-déjeuner BBC before putting on a brave face and smiling on camera.

Who else has Carol Kirkwood dated?

The top weather presenter has been reluctant to share her relationships in public, en dépit sharing her news on BBC Breakfast.

Sa new fiancé is thought to be her only major relationship since her divorce.

It is unclear when the pair met but they have been together since at least June 2021 – some suggest they met as early as 2016.

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While his identity is unknown, Carol has shared how happy he makes her and that even at 2:45am when she wakes up he will make her a cup of tea.

Coy Carol told Prima: “He is very kind and very funnyhe’s always making me laugh.