Who is Chef Dave from Tiktok?

CHEF Dave is all over TikTok at the moment but many won’t know him for his culinary ability.

He has become a British TikTok sensation who is best known for his hilarious catchphrases and carefree lifestyle.

Who is Chef Dave from Tiktok?

Chef Dave is a social media creator from ノッティンガム.

He has risen to fame on the social media app チクタク, in which he boasts over 200,000 フォロワー.

His username tag also has 70 million views as fans repost and imitate his habits and catchphrases.

The social media star has become a big name with university students and now makes nightclub appearances where he is often seen filming TikToks with fans, having a drink with them, or even visiting their flats.

TikTok personality Chef Dave

TikTok personality Chef Daveクレジット: Instagram/Chef_Dave11/

Dave is not thought to be in any relationship to speak of at the moment.

しかしながら, he spends a lot of his time with Tammy Young, who frequently appears in his videos in which he refers to her as “獣”.

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Chef Dave hasn’t given up his old chef life, as he still uploads cooking tutorials on YouTube with other social media stars.

What sort of content does Chef Dave produce on Tiktok?

Chef Dave gained popularity by making videos about life in which he shows to take each day as it comes.

He also has acquired an extensive fan base due to his memorable catchphrases, where he opens each of his vids with the signatureYes guys”.

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He also talks about having a couple ofdrinkypoos” または “quadvods” の中に “man cave”.

Dave is often seen collaborating with other big UK TikTokers with similar audiences such as Cal the Dragon そして Elle Brooke.

He is perhaps most notably known for getting involved in the drama with Simple Simon そして Ed Matthews.

What is Chef Dave’s net worth?

6月現在 2022, Chef Dave’s net worth has not been revealed.

しかしながら, due to his popularity on social media alone, his net worth is estimated somewhere around the hundred-thousand mark.




グラストンベリーの瞬間は、「女王」としてバイラルになります’ 発見された’ 人ごみの中で

It is believed that the vast majority of this income stems from his TikTok account.

This helps to fund his carefree lifestyle as he goes out to party, drink and play sports with other UK TikTok personalities.