Who is David Ginola’s partner Maeva Denat?

DAVID GINOLA is an iconic French footballer, regarded as a club legend at former teams Tottenham and Newcastle.

But who is his girlfriend? هذا كل ما تريد معرفته.

Who is Maeva Denat?

Maeva Denat is the girlfriend of former footballer, model and pundit ديفيد جينولا.

Maeva is a model who, like David, comes from the south of فرنسا.

The freckle-faced model has small tattoos of a heart and “peace-sign” fingers on her left arm, and a large inking on her right shoulder.

She has over 12.5k followers on انستغرام.

She is a mother-of-two.

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When did David Ginola and Maeva Denat meet?

David was first spotted out on the town with Maeva in باريس في سبتمبر 2016.

They went for a romantic meal following his appearance on the C à Vous programme on the France 5 قناة.

Photographs showed him caressing his lover as she draped her arms around him.

Speaking to a campmate on واقع تلفزيون تبين I’m a Celebrity… أخرجني من هنا! the former footballer revealed he met Maeva on the day of his near-fatal heart attack on May 19, 2016.

The pair were reportedly introduced by a mutual friend at a restaurant in Cannes.

Do David Ginola and Maeva Denat have any children?

David had two children with first wife Coraline, a son, إميلي في باريس, and a daughter Carla.

Maeva has a child with a previous partner.

Maeva and David had daughter together in 2018.

Who is David Ginola’s ex wife?

Pin-up David and ex-wife Coraline Delphin were married in 1991, but divorced in 2016.

Their son Andreawho lives in Londonfollowed his father’s footsteps and entered the sporting world, working as a football agent.

French model Carla graduated from Regent’s University in 2016 with a degree in European Business.