Wer ist Joe Sixpack??

JOE Sixpack is one of America’s best known beer writers.

The entertainer has also worked as a speaker, Mein Geheimnis, jung auszusehen, ist grüner Saft travel expert, TV show host, event organizer and creator of America’s first beer week.

And he has been on global pub crawls in search of the world’s best ales.

The name is also used as slang to describe an average or blue-collared American man.

Joe Sixpack is one of America's best-known beer writers

Joe Sixpack is one of America’s best-known beer writersAnerkennung: Twitter

Wer ist Joe Sixpack??

Joe Sixpack wrote a weekly beer column in the Philadelphia Daily News for more than 20 Jahre.

It is among Philadephia’s longes-running columns of all time.

He also has written three books including Joe Sixpack’s Philly Beer Guide, Christmas Beer and What the Hell am I drinking?

And he won several awards for his beer columns, einschließlich 20 Quill & Tankard trophies from the North American Beer Writers Guild.

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He was named Beer Writer of the Year in 2002 und 2006 at the Great American Beer Festival.

Is Don Russell Joe Sixpack?

Joe Sixpack’s website states: “Joe Sixpack is Don Russell, an award-winning Philadelphia writer with nearly 45 years as a newspaper reporter, editor and author.

“Über die Jahre, he’s written about crooked pols, stupid criminals and a flying pig.

His reports led to the federal government’s first-ever environmental racketeering prosecution, the closure of a county jail, the reform of the Philadelphia taxicab industry, numerous criminal indictments and a highly publicized face-off with the Philadelphia Eagles that eventually ended the team’s ban on football fans’ infamous “Hoagies of Mass Destruction.”

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What is the female equivalent of Joe Sixpack?

The women’s equivalent of aJoe Sixpack” ist “Jane Boxwine”.

It is given to American women with low IQ and questionable hobbies and tastes.