Brothers Raysean and Richard Autry co-founded a digital media platform together in 2011.

Raysean Autry is the co-owner of Kollege Kidd, a ‘the premier online digital media platform for millenial Hip Hop headsas stated on their Linkedin.

Raysean Autry is the co-founder of the media platform Kollege Kidd

Raysean Autry is the co-founder of the media platform Kollege Kiddクレジット: Raysean Autry/Instagram


Raysean has generated a large following on Instagram with 27K followers as of December 30, 2021.

His bio on the social app reads: “Co-Owner of @KollegeKidd | Filmmaker | Visionary | Go tit out the #MudWest

Kollege Kidd’s instagram has a whopping 1.2million followers with their bio statingLeader of the New Skool.

The two brothers launched their hip-hop news and culture site に 2011.


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Raysean’s Linkedin states that he attended Bowling Green State University.

It also lists his other work ventures throughout his life with most recently being the co-founder of Kollege Kidd at the top.

The Chicago based blogger and content creator has also worked as an intern at CNN for In America.

What else is Raysean known for?

His Linkedin lists that he also worked as a Technical Director/ Camera operator for WBGU-PBS for almost four years.

He earned his degree in Telecommunications, Television/Film from Bowling Green State University in 2010.

It is not clear when Raysean’s date of birth is as much information on the media entrepreneur remains unknown.

Although his birthday is not public in formation he is believed to be in his mid-thirties.

Raysean pictured via his Instagram wearing a sweatshirt with his alma mater's name on it

Raysean pictured via his Instagram wearing a sweatshirt with his alma mater’s name on itクレジット: Raysean Autry/Instagram

What is Raysean Autrey’s net worth?

According to Height Zone Raysean’s net worth is estimated to be $1million, just like his twin brothers.

Kollege Kidd’s official YouTube account has also generated a large following.

Their account has over 370K subscribers as of December 30, 2021.

The Kollege Kidd Linkedin states their purpose and demographics.

When Kollege Kidd was launched on Nov. 11, 2011, there was a lack of media representation for underground Hip Hop, and especially its young fans-the millennial demographic.

Kollege Kidd continues to fill that void by covering talented unsigned and newly signed artists on its digital media platforms. Kollege Kidd attracts millions of millenial Hip Hop fans all over the globe, 年齢 13 に 34. Our fans not only have a passion for Hip Hop, but also Sports, Fashion, Animation, Video Games and Film/TV,” the site states.