Who is Ralf Little’s fiancée Lindsey Ferrentino?

IT’S FAIR to say Ralf Little has become a well known face on the box since his rise to fame as a teenager in the Royle Family.

But when he’s not busy conquering the world of TV, he enjoys a cosy homelife with fiancée Lindsey Ferrentino.

Who is Lindsey Ferrentino?

Lindsey Ferrentino is a 33-year old-American playwright who was raised in 纽约佛罗里达.

Her dad and uncle are comics so she grew up in the stand-up and theatre scene.

在 2016 she wrote Ugly Lies The Bone, a play that was performed at the National Theatre and starred Ralf Little.

Ralf told 镜子 of her career success, 说: “She’s doing annoyingly well.

信用: Instagram的

信用: Instagram的

“If we were ever going to be a power couple I’d have to seriously up my game.

Her career is exploding in a way that makes me both incredibly proud, and obscenely jealous.


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When did Lindsey Ferrentino get engaged to Ralf Little?

couple got engaged 在九月 2018, with Ralf getting down on one knee.

He told The Mirror he was relieved to get the engagement ring for free, given that it was Lindsey’s grandmother’s ring.

She said to me if she ever got engaged there’s only one ring for her – her grandma’s, it’s absolutely beautiful. And free. 我像, '杰出的!’”

他加了: “She’s my best friend. This is the real thing for me. I’ve never been engaged before.”

The couple spoke about potentially marrying in Guadeloupe, but their long distance relationship has made planning things tough.

Ralf said the proposal was made more important by the fact they don’t live together full time.

Lindsey is based in the US with Ralf living in the UK and filming Death In Paradise in Guadeloupe.

在六月 2022, she posted on Instagram: “5 years. we’re still nomads. he’s still grumpy & hates walking & cannolis.”

Do they have children together?

The couple don’t have children together.

Ralf told The Mirror in early 2020: “People ask us about children, but we need to think where we are going to live first – we have the longest of long-distance relationships, she lives in the States.

他加了: “I’m the last of my friends to have kids – everyone is starting to think it’s a bit weird.

He has also said that children will have to wait until after he’s stopped filming 天堂之死.