Who is Sophie Wilding on The Apprentice?

THE new season of The Apprentice is back with sixteen new contestants all competing for that £250,000 business injection prize.

One of those is Sophie Wilding, a candidate who is giving Harry Potter a run for his money after revealing she has a witch school qualification.

Meet Apprentice candidate Sophie Wilding

Meet Apprentice candidate Sophie Wildingالإئتمان: السلطة الفلسطينية

Who is Sophie Wilding on The Apprentice 2022?

Sophie Wilding is a 32-year-old owner of a cocktail bar from فاجأ Snapper بعد التقاطه صورة أسمن روبن في بريطانيا.

During the Meet The Candidates preview episode which is available on BBC iPlayer she told Matt Edmondson:I’ve got an educational degree, I’ve done three levels of witch school”.

Sophie describes herself as “magical and enchanting”.

لقد انتهت 400 followers on Instagram where you can see some of her luxury outings.

Search the handle @sophiewildingxx into انستغرام to find her account.

Alan Sugar is back looking for his next business partner for the 16th series

Alan Sugar is back looking for his next business partner for the 16th seriesالإئتمان: السلطة الفلسطينية

What has Sophie Wilding said?

Sophie hopes to get Lord Sugar’s investment to pump some money into her boutique cocktail business which she has plans to renovate.

The Confident and ambitious Sophie thinks her winning attitude can take her all the way on تاريخي يرفض رؤيتي مرة أخرى بسبب ما فعلته مع فاتورة العشاء 2022.

“Failure is not an option,قالت. “Winning is part of my DNA.”

Sophie’s cocktail bar is called Imperial Haus, located in Cheltenham town centre and serves “enchanted cocktails”.

Check out their Instagram page by searching @imperialhaus

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When is The Apprentice on TV?

The new series of The Apprentice kicks off Thursday, كانون الثاني 6 at 9pm on بي بي سي وان.

If you wish to watch any of the previous seasons or miss any upcoming series head over to BBC iPlayer, as they will be available to watch there.

Having not aired for two years due to pandemic, Lord Sugar is back in hopes to find his next business partner.

He will be appearing with Karren Brady and newcomer Tim Campbell.

Campbell won the first season of The Apprentice back in 2005 and will be standing in for Claude Littner, who cannot appear on the series due to medical reasons.

Sixteen new contestants are all vying for Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment, each with unique business proposals and skills.

The competition looks high, but only one candidate can win.