Who is Tony Bennett’s wife Susan Crow?

SUSAN Crow is the third wife of legendary singer Tony Bennett.

The 95-year-old legend revealed in October 2021 that he was preparing for his last big concert with Lady Gaga.

Tony Bennett and Susan Crow at the 84th annual Academy Awards in February of 2012

Tony Bennett and Susan Crow at the 84th annual Academy Awards in February of 2012信用: 环保局

Who is Tony Bennett’s wife?

Susan Crow is a philanthropist who has been married to Tony Bennett since 2007.

At 55, Crow is 40 years younger than her husband.

They reportedly met at one of Bennett’s concerts when she was in her 20s and he was in his early 60s, 根据 Just Jared.

They dated for two decades before tying the knot.

The AARP organization, which announced the Alzheimer’s diagnosis, described more about the couple’s relationship and how they met.

Susan’s devotion to Tony is impressive to witnessand it goes back to before she even met him,” reads the AARP 网站.

Susan Crow in 2011

Susan Crow in 2011信用: 雷克斯功能

Born in San Francisco in 1966, she was an unlikely fan of his music. When every other kid was listening to Elton John or the Stones, Susan was phoning local radio stations to request Tony’s songs, begging her parents to take her to his concerts, and eventually heading up the local chapter of his fan club.

She came by her fascination honestly, given that her mother, Marion, was also a longtime fan – 的确, one of the original ‘Tonymaniacs,’ the army of teenage bobby-soxers who, at the dawn of the 1950s, fueled Tony’s first taste of fame.

Marion was 14 在 1950 when Tony, fresh off the triumph of performing with Bob Hope, signed a recording deal with Columbia Records.

Crow has co-founded 17 schools along with her husband.

Bennett was previously married to Patricia Beech and Sandra Grant.

What did Bennett say about his wife?

二月里 2021, Bennett announced he had been battling Alzheimer’s disease 自从 2016.

The singer paid tribute to Crow as he announced his diagnosis.

Life is a gifteven with Alzheimer’s,” Bennett tweeted on February 1.

Thank you to Susan and my family for their support, 和 @AARP The Magazine for telling my story.

Tony has beenspared the disorientation that can prompt patients to wander from home, as well as the episodes of terror, rage or depression that can accompany Alzheimer’s frightening detachment from reality,” according to AARP.


I cradled dead baby for hours after she died on holiday, says 90's star


I cradled dead baby for hours after she died on holiday, says 90’s star

His wife has been caring for the legendary musician.

“I have my moments and it gets very difficult. It’s no fun arguing with someone who doesn’t understand you,” she told AARP.

“But I feel badly talking about it because we are so much more fortunate than so many people with this diagnosis.

在 2021, Bennett announced his retirement from performing and will close off his chapter with one last concert due to his disease.

His final performance, One Last Time, recorded at Radio City Music Hall included Lady Gaga and officially aired on November 28th, 2021 on CBS and Paramount+.

Is Tony Bennett on 60 [object Window]?

在星期天, 一月 30, 2022, 60 Minutes will feature The Beatles, Tony Bennett, and Lady Gaga.

The special music-filled episode is set to air at 7pm ET on CBS.

Viewers can also watch 60 Minutes on Hulu, Paramount+, and Amazon Prime.